Do’s & don’ts When Attending a Funeral

Did you receive the bad news about the death of your relative recently? Well, you should visit the wake to show your condolence to the family members. They might hire a catholic funeral service to arrange the wake so you should prepare your mind before you visit there. 

On this occasion, people do not indulge in exciting greetings and hence you should practice some good phrases to show your condolence. You can refer to some articles about funeral services to get detailed knowledge about the process. 

Visitors are allowed in a Taoist funeral package but with a special invitation card. So you have to carry the card to enter the venue. Besides that, you must stay calm when you enter the venue and show respect to everyone as a part of the culture. 

Remember that, you need not talk too much when you see your family members because they may not be in the mood to talk. Thus, you can simply greet them and ask some basic things about the dead person. You can also avoid asking about the dead person because that can trigger the close ones. 

In recent times, almost every society has become multi-culturalist and thus families are now inviting their all friends to come to the funeral. Hence, if you have been invited to a different culture funeral then you have to search for some facts about that culture. 

Some people also use the search engine to find some clues about the culture and practices, which they will encounter when they visit the funeral. Hence, you should also search about the culture that is followed in your friends’ community if you are invited to a funeral.

The following are some Do’s while attending a funeral:

1. Attend on time 

The time of the venue where the funeral is arranged lives restricted and you need to visit the venue at the right time. To confirm the timing, you can call any of the family members of the deceased. 

  • In traditional cultures, one person has to sit beside the dead person all the time during the wake. But now, in catholic funeral service, funeral homes arrange lock-up facilities where no one needs to sit all time. 
  • Hence, the time for the visit is now restricted to a few hours. You have to visit the venue between that time to meet the family members. 

2. Wear proper attire 

You may have encountered television series where people are wearing black or white clothes to attend the wake. Well, you have observed that the attire is right but some changes are there. The color of your dress may get changed as per the culture that your will encounter. For the best option, you should ask the family member about the attire for attending the Taoist funeral package. 

  • In Chinese culture, visitors to the wake ceremony should wear white clothes. The color white represents peace to the soul and thus it gets promoted during the wake. 
  • You can also wear shades of pink if the dead person has crossed 80 years of age. Therefore, the family member would not show grief but happiness for longevity. 

3. Comforting the loss 

The first thing that you should do after entering the venue is to meet the family members and say positive words.  You can spend time with the family members and show your empathy about the loss. You can ask about the health of the family members in this situation when you visit a funeral arranged by funeral services. 

4. Give condolence money

You are expected to show some kindness when you visit the wake. You can offer money to the family members to show your condolence about their loss. 

Finally, you should never say “goodbye” when you leave the venue. Instead, you can say “see you soon” as a positive affirmation. Rather than saying these words, you can generally shake your hand and say a date when you can meet with the person in funeral services. Remember that, you need to give the condolence money before leaving the venue.

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