Funeral Costs in Singapore

Funeral Costs in Singapore, Singaporeans always dread about high costs of funeral services in Singapore. However, how can all these issues be prevented ? Funeral packages in Singapore are usually categorized according to religion and complexity. However, it is also important to engage a funeral service provider whom you can trust. Many times, unethical funeral service provider will advertise at a very low price in order to attract consumers or families to call in, only to know that there are many other hidden costs and agenda behind.

A simple funeral arrangement range between $880 for a straight case cremation, i.e. no funeral wake being held, $3,800 for a 3 day Christian funeral arrangement, $5,000 for a 3 day Buddhist funeral arrangement, and $7,500 for a 3 Day Taoist funeral arrangement. Have you ever wondered how come the bill can come up to tens of thousands or even more ? It is because many service providers take such grieving opportunity to over-charge the families without them knowing.

Funeral Costs in Singapore

When you engage Singapore Bereavement Services Pte Ltd, you can be assured that you will not be asked to pay for anything more than the listed price on the website. We believe in serving families with sincerity and price transparency. A funeral is a solemn affair, we tend to see family members getting emotional. Therefore, we strongly feel that at such times, no service providers are to take advantage of the situation. Our wonderful testimonials on our website and company’s facebook page will show how customers appreciate our service and work.

Christian funeral package

An average 3 Days Christian funeral package in our company costs $3,800. And it already cover the general needs of a Christian funeral service. If you find yourself paying much more, it simply means that you have been over-charged. A general 3 Days Buddhist funeral package in our company costs $5,000. And we have even included a 3-monks chanting session on the last night. This is something that service provider do not list in their package. They usually include one monk chanting and will require you to top up if you wish to engage a 3 monks chanting session. This is what we deem as hidden costs. There is no such thing as increase in casket price, or increase in diesel costs, or even labour costs. We, as a service provider should at all times abide by what we advertise and honour it.

For more information on the funeral services and packages that we offer, do visit our funeral packages page on our site to find out more.

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