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Professional Soka Funeral Services in Singapore

We are the professionals in organising and hosting Soka funeral services in Singapore. According to the beliefs of the Soka Association, all people possess a semblance of “Buddhahood” so there is no need for a priest or clergy to be present in the Soka religion. A common misconception of Soka is that it is a simplified form of Buddhism. However, Soka is actually a Japanese Buddhist religion base on the teaching of Nichiren, a Japanese Priest in the 13th Century.

There are many Soka organisations in various countries around the world. In Singapore, we work closely with the Singapore Soka Association (SSA) which is a part of an international network of Soka-affiliated organisations that are part of the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) movement.

Our Soka funeral services are in accordance with the principle of Nichiren Buddhism. Its core objective is to develop and reflect sympathy upon the deceased. A Soka funeral set up is relatively more straightforward as compared to traditional and conventional Buddhist funerals. Instead of a Buddhist monk, a Soka Gakkai leader is the one who conducts the funeral service by leading recitations of the Sutra and chanting of Daimoku. These prayers help propel the deceased to Soka’s pinnacle of enlightenment, the Eagle Peak.

Why Opt for Our Services?

At Funeral Services Singapore, we commit ourselves to paying special attention to the Soka funeral planning. This is because the Director of our company is a core member and an integral leader of the Singapore Soka Association. We are highly proficient in every aspect of the ceremony.

The many members of our team are professionals in the funeral business and have a wealth of in-depth experience. We pride ourselves in providing quality funeral services. Hence our clients are able to have a meaningful parting with their loved ones who have left this world.

Soka Funeral Package Pricing

Funeral Services in Singapore standard Soka funeral packages come in 2 variations.

  • $4,000 for 3-day funeral service.
  • $4,700 for 5-day funeral service.

Our services may also include pallbearer services, embalming, cosmetology, casketing, service setup, and also cremation at Mandai Crematorium. With our transparent pricing policy, you can be sure that you only pay for what you use. The contents in the Soka funeral packages are transparent. We aim to keep our prices as reasonably low as possible. Our promise is to provide our services and products at an affordable and fair price, so you’re able to hold a well-deserved funeral for your dearly departed loved one without spending too much money.

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Want to Find Out More About Our Soka Funeral Packages?

Finally, to further inquire about our Soka Funeral Services and Packages, you can call us at +65 8265 0301 or fill up the contact form on this page. Hence, customers prefer us as their Soka Funeral Director in Singapore.

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