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Soka Funeral Services

We are the professionals when it comes to hosting a Soka Funeral Service. Soka Association members believe that all people possess Buddhahood so they have no priests or clergy. Most people consider Soka as a simplified form of Buddhism. In fact, it is a Japanese Buddhist religion which is base on the teaching of Nichiren, a Japanese buddhist priest in 13th century. There are many Soka organizations around the world. In Singapore, we have Singapore Soka Association (SSA) which is part of an international network of Soka affiliated organisations under the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) movement that has membership in 192 countries and territories worldwide.

Soka Funeral Service is held in a manner associated with the principle of Nichiren Buddhism. Its objective is to reflect genuine sympathy toward the deceased and offer sincere condolences to the families. The set up is much simpler comparing to traditional Buddhist funerals. A Soka Gakkai leader conducts the service rather than a Buddhist monk. This leader leads a sincere recitation of the sutra and chanting of daimoku which, according to the beliefs of the Soka members, helps in propelling the deceased to Eagle Peak (enlightenment).

Why Opt for Our Services?

Here at Singapore Bereavement Services, we pay special attention in Soka funeral planning due to the fact that our director of the company is a core member and leader of the Singapore Soka Association so all activities are no way new to us. Therefore, we know the exact steps to take at the right time.

We have many members of our team seasoned funeral pros who have many years of combined experience with funeral homes and cemetery operations, as well as in-depth experience. We boast of ourselves in providing quality, meaningful funeral services with the utmost integrity to the people of Singapore. Our pursuit of excellence is constantly evolving with our clients in their time of need. We approach funeral service as an opportunity to strengthen ourselves and our community through passion, dedication, and caring.

Our Soka Funeral Package Price

At Singapore Bereavement Services, our pricing for Soka Funeral Service Package are competitive, some of these services includes pall bearer services, embalming, cosmetology, casketing, setup, and cremation (at Mandai Crematorium). We have a transparent pricing policy, you can find out the prices of our Soka Funeral Packages on our website. The contents within the Soka packages are clearly itemized, so you know what you are paying for. We endeavor to keep our prices as low as reasonably possible. We honor what we advertise and quote. Our promise is to offer our products and services at fair and reasonable prices. We have a standard charge of $4,000 for a 3 days service and $4,700 for a 5 days service.

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Finally, to further inquire about our Soka Funeral Services and Packages, you can call us at +65 6464 9809 or fill up the contact form on this page. Hence, we are the preferred Soka Funeral Director in Singapore.

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