Buddhist Funeral Package Singapore

Buddhist Funeral Package

Funeral Services Singapore provide Buddhist funeral package that start at $5500 for a three-day funeral, and $6500 for a five-day funeral ceremony. Our affordable Buddhist funeral packages include all of the essential general needs and requirements to hold a Chinese Buddhist funeral service in Singapore.

We are the premier and preferred Buddhist funeral director in Singapore because we go the extra mile in providing the ceremonial items and white t-shirts in the funeral ceremony for you. In addition, we are transparent in our pricing, and we do not have “hidden costs”, so you don’t have to worry about any extra charges.

To help you understand our affordable Buddhist funeral packages better, here is a complete breakdown of the Buddhist funeral packages that we offer.

3-DaysSimple Buddhist Funeral Package$5000
3-DaysStandard Buddhist Funeral Package$5500
5-DaysStandard Buddhist Funeral Package$6500

Premium Quality Casket

  • A premium and well-polished casket with half-glass for viewing. (Available in 3 colours)

Body Collection and Embalming Service

  • We provide transferring services to move the body to our care.
  • A professional embalming and makeup service on the body by a female embalmer.

Funeral Day / Wake Set Up

  • 1 photo enlargement (10” by 12”) & 6 Passport-sized photos.
  • A floral frame of 11″ by 13″ (1 piece).
  • Fresh flowers arrangement.
  • Donation Collection Box & Record Book.
  • Curtains, tentage – for family and guests to sit on, and carpeted flooring.
  • Buddhist-style backdrop (Premium Modern). In White / Yellow Themes
  • Fifteen (15) square tables.
  • Ten (10) roundtables.
  • One Hundred (100) plastic chairs.
  • Buddhist Sutra Blanket.
  • Ceremonial Items: Joss Sticks, Lotus Candles, Incense Coil, Premium Lotus.
  • LED Street Lamp, Straw Mats etc.
  • White T-Shirts & Pants provided for as well at No Extra Charge regardless of quantity.
  • Mandai Cremation Fees.
  • 50 Seater air-conditioned bus (2-way).
  • Complimentary ash collection service with our in-house transport i.e. Toyota Vellfire / Maserati Ghibli
  • Cleansing flower water on Funeral Day.
  • Readily folded small towel gift sets with coins.
  • New Mercedes Vito glass hearse transport on Funeral Day.
  • Post Funeral Customary Advice for 49 Days etc.

Buddhist Monk Chant & Vegetarian Food Offering

  • We provide an individual monk in attendance to conduct Chinese Buddhist chants during the Encoffining and Funeral Day. Three monks will be attendant on the Last Night for the Standard Buddhist Funeral Package.

  • A set of vegetarian food offering is also provided per chanting session.


  • An arrangement will be made by us for all-around lighting of the whole Void Deck.

Mobile Toilet

  • One (1) unit of mobile toilet available at $80 per day, non-inclusive in the funeral package


  • $5000 for a 3-Days Simple Buddhist Funeral Package
  • $5500 for a 3-Days Standard Buddhist Funeral Package
  • $6500 for a 5-Days Standard Buddhist Funeral Package

** The prices quoted above are for funeral wakes and ceremonies held at HDB void decks. For Buddhist funeral wakes held at private housing, the prices may differ slightly due to variations in the setup of the tentage. Customers may also choose to hold the funeral wake at a funeral parlour. Please note that funeral parlour wakes are subjected to availability and will be billed separately from the Buddhist funeral package price. Price for parlour packages and packages held at HDB void deck differs. Please call us to find out more.

Non-Inclusive Items in Buddhist Funeral Package

  • Food catering, drinks, and miscellaneous consumables such as peanuts, melon seeds etc. are billed separately on a consignment basis.
  • Incense Papers, Paper House Offerings etc. are also sold separately. You will only be asked to pay only for what you use, rather than spend unnecessarily on unused items.

Payment Method

  • We accept cash, cheque, visa/master card, AMEX, and interest free installment payment plan for Buddhist Funeral Packages.

Why Choose Us?

Also, Buddhists believe the body of a deceased is of no use at death therefore they cherish the Buddhist funeral rites so that the deceased would transit smoothly to the next life. Furthermore, the funeral activities are performed as an act of love as a Buddhist family always cherishes a peaceful closure.

With more than 30 years of experience, Funeral Services Singapore has been providing professional help to Buddhists during the conduct of any buddhist funeral service ceremony. As a result, we have achieved this with great success over the years due to our understanding of the customs, rites and beliefs of Buddhism. Our commitment to ensuring a proper organization of Buddhists funeral rites has made us stand tall with very few competitors.

It is our desire to provide help to Buddhist families during this period, because we do this with professionalism and integrity. Therefore, we assure you that our Buddhist Funeral Package will impress you and your guests because of our affordable price and exclusive setup. Due to our transparent pricing, many families trust our buddhist funeral services and packages. We take great pride in offering a professional, caring and sincere service to you 24/7 in the event of your beloved’s demise.

Finally, to find out more on our Buddhist Funeral Service and Package, kindly call us at our 24 Hour Hotline at +65 8265 0301. We are readily available to take your call at anytime of the day. In addition, you can choose to drop us an email using the Contact Form on our site.


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