Christian Funeral Service Package Singapore

Christian Funeral Packages Singapore

Christian Funeral Service Packages

Funeral Services Singapore has affordable Christian Funeral Packages that include the essential general needs and requirements to hold a Christian Funeral Service in Singapore. Our Christian Funeral Packages start from $5,388 for a 3-day Funeral. The Standard Christian Funeral Package ensures the setting looks with Premium with tablecloth and seat covers. We are Transparent in our pricing and Do not have any hidden costs. Be rest assured that there’s no extra charge and you only pay for what you use. Funeral Services Singapore has everything in-house and does not outsource our work.

It is better to deal with Ang Brothers Funeral Services directly rather than to go through a church pastor, middle-mans or third-party contractors. As going through them to engage a Funeral Service Company might increase the cost of the funeral. Engaging Ang Brothers Funeral Services directly will avoid any additional cost.

To help you understand our affordable Christian Funeral Packages better, below is a complete breakdown of the Christian Funeral Packages that we offer.

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Standard Christian Funeral Package

Quality Casket for Christian Funeral Services

  • A diamond-shaped white wooden casket with fine finishing and a half glass for viewing.

Body Collection and Embalming

  • Manpower & Transportation
  • Professional Embalming & Body Care (Cleaning, Dressing & Make up)

Preparation of Funeral Ceremony

  • Curtains & Carpet in Casket Area
  • Void Deck Enclosure
  • Dignified Standard Christian-style backdrop
  • Fifteen (15) square tables
  • Ten (10) round tables
  • One Hundred (100) plastic chairs
  • Tablecloths & Seat Covers
  • Air Coolers
  • Safe Box
  • Condolence Book
  • Sound system i.e. speaker, mic, music stand, amplifier etc.

Photo Enlargement

  • 1 Photo Enlargement (10” by 12”)
  • 6 Passport-sized photos

Floral Arrangement

  • A Floral Frame of 11″ by 13″ (1 piece)
  • Flowers Arrangements to suit Christian set up

Funeral Procession Service

  • Glass Hearse Transport on Funeral Day
  • 45-Seater Air-conditioned bus (Round Trip)

Mandai Cremation Fee

  • Book Cremation Slot
  • Mandai Cremation Fee

Post Funeral Service

  • Ash Collection Service


  • One (1) unit of mobile toilet available at $80 per day, and one (1) unit of chiller available at $50 per day, portable basin at $60 per funeral are non-inclusive in the funeral package.
  • Food catering, drinks, misc. consumables such as peanuts, melon seeds, etc are billed on consignment basis.

The prices quoted above are for funeral wakes and ceremonies held at HDB void decks. For Christian funeral wakes held at private housing or outdoor areas, the prices may differ slightly due to variations in the setup of the tentage. Alternatively, Customers may also choose to hold the funeral wake at a funeral parlour. For funeral parlour rental, it is subject to availability and the rental fee will be billed separately from the Christian funeral package price. Additional tent setup or extension within the Parlour compound, there is additional charge based on the variations of the size of the tent. For customers who choose to hold the wake at a parlour, package price remains the same and any included items cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Payment Method

  • We accept cash, cheque & PayNow. Terms & conditions apply.

Why Choose Ang Brothers Funeral Services?

At Ang Brothers Funeral Services, we take pride in offering a professional and sincere service, one that you can personalise to better meet your funeral needs. Our funeral directors will be there with you every step of the way, guiding you through the entire process.

  1. Over 40 Years of Funeral Experience and Accumulated Knowledge in Helping the Bereaved Families.
  2. Our Funeral Packages Are Affordable, And It Include All the Essential General Needs of a Funeral.
  3. Transparent Pricing Policy Ensures That You Only Pay What You Need. There Is No Hidden Cost.

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We will guide you through the entire process with compassion and empathy, all whilst making sure to arrange a  funeral that befits your loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A Christian funeral service usually occurs from about two to three days after death, or up to a week after the person has passed away. Generally, Funerals may take place on any day of the week, though they generally do not occur on Sundays in Catholicism.

Yes, Cremation is allowed in Christianity. After cremation, the ashes of your loved ones should be buried. The rest of the Christian funeral customs can be followed as usual. Thus, It is not a sin to be cremated.

Facing the congregation, the priest may say: “Receive the Lord’s blessing. The Lord bless you and watch over you. God make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. The Lord look kindly on you and give you peace; In the Name of the Father, and of the Son + and of the Holy Spirit.” Congregation:” Amen.

A funeral in Christianity is a celebration of a promotion, which has already taken place. For instance, The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:8 that “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.” As a result, It is a common belief in Christianity that their deceased loved ones are not in the casket.

The most preferred color for a Christian funeral is black. But, White dresses are also allowed.

If the child wants to go, and the family is comfortable with the decision, there is no reason why a child should not go to a funeral. Therefore, It is helpful if a particular adult is able to be with children and explain to them what is happening.

You can arrange a personalized funeral for your loved ones with our Christian Funeral packages. We are well versed in arranging Christian funeral ceremonies caring for the need of each of our clients.

Ang Brothers Funeral Services is the best Christian funeral services provider in Singapore. We are the preferred Christian funeral director with a decade of experience. Our Christian Funeral Packages are affordable.

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