Avoid These Things after a Taoist Funeral to Worship Ancestor

taoist funeral services

People from all occupations share certain customs and rituals. This is true, and it has to do with things like weddings, deaths, and funerals.

Knowing what not to do after a Taoist funeral service is important if you want to understand Taoist funeral services. This will help you respect their culture and live in peace with them.

Like every other culture, Taoism has rules about what to do and what not to do during and after a funeral. 

Five things Taoist funeral masters in Singapore say you should not do after a funeral

  • Trimming Hair and Nails

Children or grandchildren of the person who died should wait at least 49 days after the funeral to cut their nails or hair. This comes from the idea that the dead parent gave the children their nails and hair, so they should not be cut during the mourning period or after the burial. 

  • Avoid Visiting Friends And Relatives

A Taoist should not do the second thing after a funeral is seen, friends and family. This can not be done until 49 days after the funeral, which is the typical length of time for mourning.

Instead, Taoists are told to spend this time thinking about their lives and letting their feelings settle down after a loss. During this time, the relatives of the deceased are asked to leave weekly or biweekly offerings in front of the spiritual tablet as a way to honour and remember their loved one who has died.

  • Refrain From Entertainment

After the funeral, the family and close relatives of the person who died are not supposed to have fun or have a party. This is a basic rule that should always be followed in these situations. To show respect for the family member who has died, this must be done within 49 days. When you are in mourning, you may also have to stay away from happy events like weddings and baby showers.

  • Do Not Wear Bright Colors

During a funeral wake in Chinese, you should also not wear clothes with bright colours. The length of this rule could be different from one language to the next. In some places, Taoists had to wear white clothes for a week before changing into red ones. On the other hand, others do not let close family members and immediate family members wear coloured clothes for 100 days.

  • Marry During The Mourning Period

Sons of the dead should not get married for at least six months, especially if the person who died was a parent. If a wedding was planned before a parent died, it should be put off until the following year to give people time to grieve. You should also avoid doing other things, like having a Buddhist funeral service in Singapore after the body has been buried. These should be burned instead. The clothes of everyone else should also be burned, just like the dead person’s clothes.


Even though you may not be a Taoist, you may still need to know some of these Taoist funeral services, even though you do not have to follow them to practice. As long as you respect your neighbours’ culture and way of life, especially when things are hard, they will help you live in peace with them.

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