About Us

About Our Funeral Services Company

Ang Brothers Funeral Services Singapore is a re-branding of the former Ang Brothers Casket Services founded back in the 1950s. We have steadily grown to become one of the leading Funeral Services provider in Singapore. With numerous years of funeral services experience in this industry, the Ang Family strives to provide Singapore Families with non-obligatory funeral advice. We always pride ourselves to keep our prices affordable to all because we believe that everyone deserves a dignified send-off. We strongly believe that quality funeral service need not necessarily come with a heavy price tag. Our professional team of funeral service staff are here to guide families step by step through this difficult time. Our Company is equipped with the youngest and latest fleet of vehicles to ensure that your loved ones travel in comfort. Coping with the loss of your loved one is life’s biggest challenge, therefore we extend our care to make the right decisions for families during this grieving and painful moment. We are the preferred Funeral Director in Singapore by many families. We don’t say we are good, people tell us we are good. We honor what we advertise on our website. You will not be asked to pay for anything additional or unnecessary. Till date, we have served more than 5,000 satisfied families. Check out our funeral packages page for more details.

Our Awards

We are awarded Singapore’s Premier Choice Award for our quality service and pricing, as well as Asia’s Leading Brand for our Repatriation Services worldwide for our renowned packaging and fuss-free customs clearance. We have been referred many times by the Embassies to help repatriate their counterparts inbound and outbound of Singapore. We are proud to say that we are a One Stop Funeral Solution because we do not outsource our funeral jobs to third party contractors.

Our Team

Casper Ang | Founder & Funeral Director

13 years of experience handling funerals of all religions as well as worldwide Repatriation of human remains inbound and outbound of Singapore.

Jun Jie Operations Manager

9 years experience handling Buddhist and Taoist funerals.

Ah Soon | Funeral Consultant

15 years experience handling funerals of all religions.

Patrick Heng | Funeral Consultant

7 years of experience handling Buddhist and Christian funerals

Madhavan Karuppiah | Funeral Consultant

4 years of experience handling Indian Christian and Indian Catholic funerals

We, Ang Brothers Funeral Services Singapore is a re-branding of the former Ang Brothers Casket Services back in the 1950s. We are backed with more than 40 years of experience from the previous generation. Our group of companies consist of Ang Brothers Funeral Services Pte Ltd and Singapore Bereavement Services Pte Ltd. We treat all bereaved families equally regardless rich or poor.

Casper Ang has spear-headed Ang Brothers Funeral Services Singapore for the past 13 years. Till date, we have served more than 8,000 satisfied families. Since our inception, Casper has helped many low-income families to ensure that a proper funeral send-off is given without expecting anything in return. He has done numerous free funerals as he believes in helping the less fortunate as well as giving back to society. A free funeral should not be used as a form of advertisement because it is suppose to come from the heart. Regardless rich or poor, he staunchly believes that everyone deserves a dignified memorial send-off. “Funeral is a celebration of a lifetime’s story concluded in a day, so we have to make it beautiful under all circumstances.” ~~ Casper Ang

We handle funerals for all religions, as well as funeral repatriation services both inbound and outbound of Singapore. We are the preferred funeral repatriation agent by most of the Embassies in Singapore. Since our inception in this industry, we have served numerous high profile and prominent figure in Singapore. We own one of the youngest fleet in the industry, in terms of transportation needs for the dearly departed. We have handled many high profile cases, i.e. ministers, murder cases, death penalty cases, unnatural death etc. We are well versed in the procedure of any funeral processions. Speak to us now to find out more.

We continue to strive in the belief that everyone rich or poor, deserves a dignified send-off. And it is with this calling, that has brought us thus far.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading funeral services provider in Singapore by constantly upgrading ourselves, to adhere to the high service standards within the funeral industry which also include honesty, fairness and transparency in pricing. Our prices are transparent and listed on our website. You will never be asked to pay more or be overcharged. What you see in our website is exactly what you will be paying for.

Our Mission

We aim to provide families with the most professional and affordable funeral services solutions to ensure that each and everyone gets to bid goodbye to their loved ones in the most respectable and dignified manner possible. To ensure you fair dealing throughout the course of the funeral service, you will not be required to pay for anything which you did not use or consume. Our mission is to ensure that everyone rich or poor, deserves a dignified send-off.

How to Engage Our Services?

To find out more on our funeral services and packages, kindly call us at our 24 Hour Hotline at +65 8265 0301. We are readily available to take your call at anytime of the day. Alternatively, you can drop us an email using the Contact Form on our site.