Funeral Services for All Religions

Experienced, Reliable, Honest and Trusted by Many in Singapore

Our Packages

Funeral Services for All Religions

Experienced, Reliable, Honest and Trusted by Many in Singapore

Our Packages

Funeral Services for All Religions

Experienced, Reliable, Honest and Trusted by Many in Singapore

Our Packages

Ang Brothers Funeral Services Singapore – Our Package

Ang Brothers Funeral Services Singapore offer affordable funeral packages for a multitude of religions including Buddhist funerals, Taoist funerals, Catholic funerals, Christian funerals, Soka funerals, and also funeral repatriation for many decades. Our funeral packages start from $880 for a Straight Case Cremation ­– for families that do not want to hold a funeral wakes or rites, and $4,000 for a 3-Days Christian Funeral wake.

We practice a transparent billing policy whereby you are not required to pay for items that you do not use. We also do not engage in price wars with other funeral services or undertakers, as we believe that the cost of our professional services is the lowest in the market.

At Ang Brothers Funeral Services Singapore, we aim to create professional and meaningful funeral and rites services that assist the families and friends in remembering, celebrating, and honouring the lives of their departed loved ones. We achieve this by providing quality affordable services and products that can be essential to help the bereaved and grieving families during a difficult time.

Buddhist Funeral Package Singapore


Buddhist Funeral Package Funeral Services Singapore provide Buddhist funeral package that start...

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Taoist Funeral Packages Singapore


Taoist Funeral Package Firstly, we provide 2 variants for our Taoist funeral...

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Catholic Funeral Package Singapore


Catholic Funeral Package Firstly, our Catholic Funeral Package costs $4,000 for a...

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Christian Funeral Package Singapore


Christian Funeral Packages Firstly, Christian Funeral Packages offered by Ang Brothers Funeral...

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Soka Funeral Package Singapore


Soka Funeral Package Firstly, we offer two major packages under the Soka...

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Repatriation Funeral Package


Repatriation Package First of all, depending on whether it is an inbound...

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Funeral Services Singapore

About Us

During the demise of a loved one, the decision of engaging the right Funeral Director can be tough. We would advise our clients to not choose a Buddhist funeral service package that sounds too good to be true such as it having a really low cost. At Ang Brothers Funeral Services Singapore, we honour what we advertise on our website and keep it transparent for all. We are a price and services oriented company, so we aim to give you the best value for your money.

In addition, we are also a familiar and trusted funeral services brand that is a household name in Singapore, which is known for providing affordable funeral services and packages to cater to the general needs of a funeral service in times of need.

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Our Services

To serve you better, we offer a wide range of funeral services solutions to cater to each and every individual. From handling funeral services for all races and religions to providing of flower wreaths, mobile toilet etc, we have it all. We are specialists in the funeral industry, and have strong connections to important organisations that help to expedite and improve the services we provide, ensuring that your loved one will be with you for the solemn and dignified funeral ceremony and the proper send-off that they deserve.

Below are some of our professional services that we provide:



Han Seng

I am thankful that the costs were transparent and made known to me before the funeral. What was agreed was what i paid. Highly recommended !

Willy Soergianto

Your team was professional right from the start. The repatriation process was done swiftly even on a weekend. Amazing ...

Henry Aw

I am glad i engaged Casper as he is very polite and professional. He is responsive to phone calls and is knowledgeable. He is a true gem in the industry.


The funeral ceremony was carried out with dignity. Very affordable price tag with no hidden costs. Casper is young & talented. He knows the traditions at the back of his head.

Raymond Goh

Special thanks to Casper for making the funeral beautiful for us. He could customize almost anything on an ad-hoc basis. Thumbs up ..

Contact Us

Ang Brothers Funeral Services Singapore

To reach us for enquiries on our funeral services solutions or to engage us to handle a funeral, simply call +65 8265 0301. We are on standby 7 days a week to take your call.

 Blk 4028 Ang Mo Kio Ind Park 1 #01-219 Singapore 569639
 Phone: +65 8265 0301

    Funeral Services Singapore

    Welcome to Ang Brothers Funeral Services Singapore. Firstly, we cover the general needs of a funeral service in Singapore required by most families of diverse upbringings. We accept as true that every person, be it rich or poor, warrants an appropriate and honorable funeral service. For instance, no funeral is too big or small for us to handle.

    Funeral Procession

    In addition, we understand that grieving over the lost a loved one is amongst the toughest encounters in life. However, it is regrettable path that almost everyone would have to undertake at one point in time. As a trusted Funeral service provider. We are here to aid and guide families through arrangements and important decisions making in order to make the funeral process easier and well organized. Call us to know more.

    Singapore Funeral Services

    At Ang Brothers Funeral Services, our offer is designed to support you and your family after the demise of someone close. With several years of experience, our funeral service staffs are conversant with all types of religious funeral ceremonies. For instance, friends can witness the transition of their loved ones with complete peace of mind. We believe in transparent estimating and also detailed billing. A “pay as you use” policy, and we do not charge our clients too much. Also, our company is tailored and customized to meet your family’s condition and aid them in meeting their budget plan. We also provide various reasonably priced funeral services in Singapore. Ang Brothers Funeral Services cover:

    1. All Religious conviction
    2. Burial and Cremation Services
    3. Catering Services
    4. Floral Set up/ Wreaths
    5. Import and Export of Casket / Repatriation of Deceased
    6. Provision of Glass/ Traditional/ VIP Hearse
    7. Rental services for Tents, Tables, Chairs etc.

    Funeral Arrangement

    All our fees are transparent and well detailed without any hidden cost. With several years of experience. our Company delivers the best quality services to families who choose to use our services. Our friendly personnel also aid families in planning. And making Singapore Funeral service arrangements for their loved ones’ transition in a very caring and professional manner. Our personals are well conversant with all types of Singapore Funeral service which makes the Funeral service of your loved one very peaceful.

    At Ang Brothers Funeral Services, our offer was initiated with a goal to offer families with unforgettable commemoration experiences by providing clients with the finest Singapore Funeral service. Our services and packages are available to families from diverse backgrounds and also spiritual opinions. For instance, our specialty is Buddhist funeral service and Taoist funeral service.

    Since our inauguration in the business, we have been providing the finest and most flexible solution for consumers with our services being available all round the clock. An honorable departure is no more expensive and we are here to aid you through this trying time. We are prepare with state-of-the-art fleet of automobiles to make sure that your loved one’s travel in dignified and stylish manner.

    During the period of grief. You can call or email us. We are available 24/7. We will immediately attend to you in the shortest time to direct you through the step by step process needed to put together a flexible and successful funeral procession.

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