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Taoist Funeral Services in Singapore

Taoist Funeral Services are getting more scarce here in Singapore. Due to the younger generations, many do not know the traditional Taoist funeral cultures and customs. 

There is some kind of influence of Buddhism in the Taoist practice and funeral services are aware of the Taoist traditions regarding to funerals. Basically, there is a funeral director who plays an important role in the Taoist funeral service. He does not only provide the management services but also have experience in Taoist funeral services practices and that is why he provides the advice and guide to the family members to ensure the smooth transition of the funeral. You can hire our Taoist Funeral Services to handle all the funeral arrangements required for a Taoist funeral. We have consultants that are familiar with the rites and Chinese funeral customs and you can count upon them to get the right advice whenever needed.

Taoist Funeral services also have the tradition to clean the body using a wet towel and talcum powder to do so. After that the deceased gets dressed up in the nicest cloth. The cloth can vary in color but they do not use red color specifically. As a Taoist funeral service director, we also organize the funeral feast after the burial process.

Why Funeral Services Singapore ?

But why choose Funeral Services Singapore? In Singapore, it can be hard for families to find a Taoist Funeral Services company that can assist them in the funeral of the deceased according to their traditions. As mentioned earlier, we have experienced consultants that are well educated about the Taoist traditions regardless of dialect groups. Funeral Services Singapore has been in this industry for more than 40 years so you can rely on our experience. We pride ourselves to provide quality and meaningful funeral services and that is why you can prefer us over others.

Our Taoist Funeral Packages

Our focus is to design a price plan that is affordable to everyone. For our Taoist Funeral Services, we have a standard Taoist Funeral Package at 7,500 dollars for a three (3) days for funeral wakes held at HDB void decks. Our staff will take care of all the things that you will need in a traditional Taoist funeral. Managed by Funeral Services Singapore and coupled with the years of experience, this package covers all the essentials for a dignified funeral service. We have fixed flat prices, which brings simplicity and complete all the requirements of the Taoist funeral service.

With our service and guaranteed prices, there is nothing you have to worry about. You can see the full details and breakdown of our packages by clicking on the link here.

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