Taoist Funeral Services Singapore

Taoist Funeral Services in Singapore

Taoist Funeral Services are becoming more and more rare in Singapore. This is primarily due to the lack of awareness, knowledge and practises amongst many Singaporeans, especially with the younger generations. Many simply are not aware of the traditional Taoist funeral cultures and customs.

Taoist Funeral Services in Singapore differ mainly according to the dialect group of the deceased. The ritual and rites vary amongst the dialect groups (Hokkien, Cantonese, Teochew, Hainanese & Hakka). Thus, the things required would also be different. Engaging a experienced funeral director would be able to offer advice and guidance to the bereaved family to ensure the process is smooth.

After Death: Preparation of The Body

In Taoist funeral rites, the deceased body would need to be cleaned by wet towel and dusted with talcum powder. After which, they will be dressed is their best outfit, the outfit can be any colour except red.

Taoist Funeral Rituals

Taoist funeral will have an altar where a sacred lamp is placed, along with two candles and a photograph of the deceased is place in front of the casket. Joss sticks and candles will be placed around the altar for the family and friends to offer their respect to the deceased. The deceased’s favourite foods will be placed as an offering to them. Taoist priest will chant and recite on the scriptures and sutra. After chanting, the priest circles a fire where the nine tiles are place. The nine tiles represent the nine levels of the underworld. Next, the priest waves a sword to ward of any evil spirit present in the ceremony and break the tiles to free the soul of the deceased from the underworld. Throughout the funeral process, a priest sits on a lotus-shaped seat, praying to guan yin, the Chinese goddess of mercy.

Burning Of Paper Products

During the Taoist funeral, the family are requested to burn paper products such as money, houses, mountain, car, it is believed crucial in the afterlife.

How Much Is a Taoist Funeral Package?

Ang Brothers Funeral Services offer affordable Taoist funeral packages, ranging from $8,888 for 3 days and onwards. We have a team of professional and experienced Taoist Funeral Directors. They are well-versed in the procedural details and funeral rites for each dialect which will ease your mind. We are committed to ensure a proper organisation of the Taoist Funeral Rites and Customs, so that the bereaved families can focus on healing and grieving. Our funeral director will be there with you every step of the way, guiding you through the entire process.

Why Choose Ang Brothers Funeral Services?

At Ang Brothers Funeral Services, we take pride in offering a professional and sincere service, one that you can personalise to better meet your funeral needs. Our funeral directors will be there with you every step of the way, guiding you through the entire process.

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