Taoist Funeral Package in Singapore

Taoist Funeral Singapore

Taoist Funeral Package

We provide 2 variants for our Taoist funeral packages. The first one is $7,500 for 3-day funeral service, and the second one is $8,500 for 5-day funeral service. Depending on the ethnicity and backgrounds of our clients, different dialect groups may require different Taoist funeral services. We also have a wealth of experience accumulated over the years, hence, we are able to offer the most suitable and appropriate taoist funeral package to our Singapore Chinese Taoist clients. Our taoist funeral packages also include embalming, Funeral Day services, Funeral Wake setup, and Taoist Priest Chanting Ceremony.

3-DaysTaoist Funeral Package$7,500
5-DaysTaoist Funeral Package$8,500

In conclusion, a detailed breakdown of Taoist Funeral Package includes :-

Casket Services 

  • A premium wood casket with a half-glass viewing panel. (Available in 2 Colours)

Body Collection and Embalming

  • Transferring the body of the deceased to our care
  • Embalming and Makeup services on the body

Funeral Wake Setup at HDB Void Deck / Multi-Purpose Hall

  • Reservation and Booking of cremation slot
  • One (1) photo enlargement (10” by 12”) and 6 Passport-sized photos
  • Floral frame (10” by 12”) and 6 Passport-sized photos
  • Donation Collection Box and Record Book
  • Taoist Memorial Altar Arrangement
  • Taoist Blanket, Pearl and Pillow Set (1 Unit)
  • Table-Top fresh floral setup (2 Pieces)
  • Void Deck covered with curtain and carpet
  • Fifteen (15) Square Tables
  • Ten (10) Round Tables
  • One Hundred (100) Plastic Chairs
  • Fans and General Lighting

Paper Products

  • Funeral Lanterns appropriate for the respective dialects (1 pair)
  • Paper House depending on the respective dialects (8ft)
  • Gold and Silver mountains (1 set)
  • Guardian Angels (Golden Boy/Jade Girl) (1pair)

Taoist Priest Chanting Ceremony

  • Performe while transferring the body into the coffin (1 priest)
  • Performed during the Funeral Rites at wake up before departing to the crematorium (1 Priest)
  • Performed during the Rites of funeral wake while on the last night (3-5 priests) (7.00pm – 9.45pm)

Funeral Day Service

  • Appreciation Gift Pack (readily folded towels with coins)
  • Professional Pallbearer Services on Funeral Day
  • Ritual assistant and lantern bearers
  • Taoist Glass Hearse or a choice of Traditional/Mercedes Limousine Hearse (Extra Top-up)

Mobile Toilet

  • One (1) unit of Mobile Toilet is provided for the wake duration.

Post-Funeral Day Service

  • Ash collection services
  • Blessed water setup with crisp flowers
  • Customary advice after the funeral procession (7th, 49th, 100th day, 1st and 3rd year)

Payment Method

In addition, we accept various payment methods for Taoist funeral packages and services in Singapore and are generally accepted internationally and locally for the convenience of our clients for Taoist funeral packages. This includes payment ranging from cash, cheque, master, visa, to interest-free installment plan. Furthermore, we can also customize a grand setup at an additional fee.

Why Choose Us?

We are the premier professionals when it comes to organising and hosting Taoist funeral services in Singapore. We are one of the best that offers the lowest prices guaranteed. As a result, we have been serving the funeral needs of many Chinese Taoist families in Singapore for 30 years.

With our professional and friendly Funeral Consultants, we will assure that you receive the best taoist funeral services, products, and also advice. We believe that everyone, regardless of rich or poor, deserves an honourable funeral ceremony. Because of this, our affordable price for quality choice, we have become a familiar household brand for Taoist funeral services.

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