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Funeral Flowers and Memorial Tribute Sites

Funeral flowers are a sign of goodwill and eternity for ages since the time of ancient Greek and therefore. Have been used in funeral processions of many religions. Funeral Services in Singapore have special condolences wreath service which has a variety of floral wreaths available for funeral processions.

There are many types of flowers you can choose for Buddhist funeral, such as roses, carnations, Chrysanthemums, orchid plants… etc. Each of them has different meaning. However, it is all to show the condolences and  grief to the deceased and their family.

Setting up a memorial tribute site with specially customized flowers are our profession, considering. We have serviced the Late Mr Lee Kuan Yew and one of the famous lawyer the Late Mr Joseph Grimberg from Drew & Napier Law Firm. These are two very prominent figures in Singapore which our company has worked with to create a memorial tribute site for relatives, friends, colleagues etc to pay their respect even after a funeral. Memorial Tribute Sites needs no occasion. Usually could be an event to commemorate the death of a close one, or someone dear to you.

Why Order Flowers from Us ?

Singapore funeral Services have been in the funeral services and processions business since 1995. The longest of all funeral companies in Singapore. Which gives us a great deal of understanding which flowers are most appropriate. And appreciated in which decor in a funeral based on the religious association of the deceased one and their families. Our years of experience have allowed us to pick the right floral wreaths that dignify the death of the beloved and also offer condolences on the part of the family and friends.

Funeral Services Singapore is honored to be involved in setting up of memorial tribute sites for our Late Mr Lee Kuan Yew at all Police Headquarters & Stations as well as all the Community Centre islandwide. We are professionals when it comes to setting up of a memorial tribute site for friends and relatives to pay respect.

We are also recently tasked to set up a memorial tribute site at the well known law firm Drew & Napier located at the Ocean Financial Centre for one of their famous and outstanding lawyer. i.e. the Late Mr Joseph Grimberg With all these outstanding portfolios for our flowers. we are sure you can be assured of a professional memorial tribute site for your loved ones, friends or relatives.

Need Our Flower Service ?

Do enquire about our flowers and memorial tribute sites setup offered by Funeral Services Singapore. By calling our 24 hours hotline number, +65 9871 8388. We are always readily available 24/7 to serve you.

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