01:23 13 Sep 21
Casper has given us all the advice that we need or require. No hesitation to recommend to anyone. They made my mother's last journey smooth and peaceful. Excellent services received from them. Thank you so much to Casper and his team.
Joyce Tu
Joyce Tu
17:17 07 Sep 21
Thank you Ang Brothers Funeral Services for making the recent bereavement journey so comforting for all of us. The Buddhist funeral ceremony was carried out seamlessly. Special thanks to Casper & Caleb for being attentive to our last minute requests. They were patient and professional. Thumbs up to the good service attitude. The Buddhist funeral setup was impressive, looks premium and at an affordable price. Whatever communicated on the phone was exactly what we paid for. No frills. They have deeply warmed our hearts. Strongly recommended without doubts !
Eve T
Eve T
05:14 03 Sep 21
When my mother passed away recently I engaged the Ang bros for a direct cremation service. We Googled and decided on them as they came highly recommended. Indeed they are really good at what they do as I was guided clearly and precisely on what to do step by step from the moment of death to the collection of ashes. They were there every step of the way. As I was the only family member handling the process the first time in my life, they were really heaven sent. Throughout the whole process I never felt stressed as they were always there to help and guide me all the way to the end of my heart breaking journey. They and their team are really professional, obliging, kind, friendly and understanding.The service conducted by them at the crematorium was heartfelt, compassionate and empathetic.Thank you to the kind gentleman whose name I didn't get for conducting the open casket service. He gave the attendees the closure they needed. These words describe them aptly - prompt, clear, professional, friendly, flexible, accommodating, humble, concise, precise. I can go on and on. Caleb, Casper and team are hands down the people to go to for a seamless, painless, professional and not bank breaking funeral service provider. Their pricing was transparent and reasonable. Excellent service providers! Thank you so much for making the whole process easy on my grieving soul at the most painful period of my life at that point of time.
Jessie Ng
Jessie Ng
05:18 21 Jul 21
I recently engaged the services of Ang Brothers Funeral to host a buddhist funeral service. The ceremony was well carried out. Staffs were friendly and accommodating to our requests. Pricing was made transparent to us right from the start. Thumbs up for the good work. Strongly recommend to anyone in need.
Spencer Yuen
Spencer Yuen
03:18 21 Jul 21
Very thankful for Ang Brothers’ (esp Casper and Caleb) guidance and services throughout the past 5 days when my dad passed away. Casper went through with me in details what I should do and what to expect. Their service was professional and prompt - they arrived at my place even before I reached from the police station! The price for the Free Thinker package was very reasonable. My relatives were all surprised by both the price and the the services it covered. And they specifically liked the deco and peaceful ambience of the wake. In summary, my family did not have to worry anything from start till the end of the funeral. Thank you.
Pang Wei
Pang Wei
07:50 12 Jun 21
I first contacted Ang Brothers at 5+am in the morning when we received news of my father-in-law's passing overseas. As repatriation of remains from overseas during this Covid-19 period is quite tricky, I called a few funeral service providers to get advice on this matter. Casper from Ang Bros was the most clear and steady in his advice, with good subject knowledge and a sureness in his voice even at 5+am in the morning, which is reassuring during such situations. The choice of which funeral service to engage from that point was quite clear.Through the entire process, communication was prompt, clear and easy, with Casper being flexible, helpful and able to cater to all our needs and requests. They were up to date with their setup options being modern and subtly pleasant. Their pricing is also transparent, very reasonable and provide good value.Thanks Ang Brothers and Casper for all the invaluable help and assistance through this difficult situation!
Chow Elton
Chow Elton
08:51 19 Apr 21
Assuring, Efficient and HonestWe started searching for a funeral company to do repatriation for our teacher based on Nepal. Out of the few companies that I called, Ang responded with urgency and transparency. Within an hr, Casper (owner of Ang Brothers Funeral Services) came back on the costings and detailed breakdown on how repatriation was to be done, during this difficult Covid period.Despite many challenges that we had, especially due Covid period, Ang Brothers (Casper, Caleb, Helmo, Foo, Soon and many others whom I am cannot remember the names), took it in their stride. Patiently navigated beyond their call of duty, stayed and waited while we see Christmas pass away in 2020, at embalming centre. For that, we are so thankful.Post that, the challenges of the coffin, of documentation issues on the repatriation and also sending of the body. Again, Casper and team worked tirelessly in solving these..always with a big smile.I would recommend anyone who is looking for funeral services to look for Ang Brothers Funeral Services. Their services put any grieving family members at ease. And I am sure they will warm your heart, just like it has warmed mine and everyone from my temple.
rich liow
rich liow
07:08 16 Apr 21
Certainly helped make my dad's passing a very peaceful journey from beginning till the cremation. Highly recommended for their friendly service and helpful attitude.
01:43 12 Mar 21
My good friend’s father passed away, I help Compare two casket price & services, Ang brother funeral services given High-value Package, Reasonable price, nice set up, no Hidden costs, Good service and guidance. She want me to Express appreciation & big Thanks to Casper Ang & his team done a good job & great services During the three days.
Katherine Lecoq
Katherine Lecoq
23:32 23 Jan 21
Choosing a funeral service for your love one is a difficult decision especially if it is your first time. Perhaps it is my dad’s will that I found Casper. He is a great guy and his team were there 24/24 to ensure that everything goes well. I managed to give him a respectable, nice and cozy farewell. My grandma passed away 5 months later. I’ve recommended Casper to my uncle who engaged Casper services as he saw how well they managed my father’s wake. A sincere thanks to you Casper and your team for sending off the 2 most important people in my life into paradise where they belong now.
Junior Leow
Junior Leow
14:49 25 Oct 20
Reliable service.
  • Jace, Singapore
    I sincerely grateful that you and your company, Funeral Services Singapore, practically held my hands and walked me through the whole funeral from start to finish
  • Kevin Seow & Pauline Goh, Singapore
    We would like to express our appreciation for your excellent service during our father's bereavement. Despite having some difficult issues during the past 5 days, you displayed high professionalism
  • Theresa Ang, Singapore
    The whole funeral arrangement was seamlessly smooth. We just have to make a call and Casper will respond promptly to our enquiries and needs
  • Lim Na, Singapore
    You were very patient right from our initial contact at the hospital and your professionalism and efficient was very evident throughout i.e. from wake to funeral
  • Catherine Emmanuel, Singapore
    You were professional, well-dressed and well-mannered. Your continuous patience and professionalism have deeply touched our hearts. We are grateful for the little things
  • Allen Widjaja, Indonesia
    The repatriation of my uncle was done with a G200 private jet flown down from Hong Kong with the connection of the funeral director namely Casper. I am simply amazed because my uncle was flown back in dignity and most importantly fast. Thumbs up !!
  • Herman Suryawati, Indonesia
    Special thanks to the funeral director Casper for the excellent work. Knowledgeable, friendly, and very well connected with our country's embassy and funeral home. Keep up the good work. Your hospitality is first class !
  • Salims Family, Indonesia
    We are very impressed with how Casper work. He even got us a personal butler to service us during our stay here while awaiting repatriation. Got to fly in the exclusive G200 jet from Hong Kong and the amount spent was worthwhile. Too personalized service with the added personal touch. Simply amazing.
  • Mendari, Indonesia
    Very friendly service and efficient. Will recommend you to those in need. We paid exactly what was quoted with no hidden cost.
  • Shuviiepotak, Russia
    Satisfied with how you talk and how you care for us during our stay here in Singapore. Been emotionally drained and Casper the funeral director, practically held our hands and walk us through till we depart from SG. And you have a nice kick ass Jaguar. Salute to you boss
  • Shu Wen, Singapore
    We come from a less average family. We have requested for a simple buddhist ceremony for my late dad. The funeral director was very helpful and gave me complimentary items to aid my financial burden. He has gone the extra mile to help our family. Can't be more thankful. Highly recommended !
  • Sandra, Singapore
    Casper was recommended by my classmate. His service is first class. His work attitude dictates his professionalism. He is always available to answer all queries. Very respectable and humble young man.
  • Richard Chew, Singapore
    This is the 2nd time i engaged them and they have improved so much in terms of funeral setups and response time. Casper is very responsive and he serves us sincerely. I can't thank him enough for making this difficult period a comforting one for everyone of us.
  • Alfred Goh, Singapore
    Made an online enquiry on buddhist funeral and Casper explained to me what is needed and what is not. He advised me to keep the costs low as much as possible as we are a small family. Engaged his service and I need to compliment him and his team. He is a very young, respectable and honest man. Keep up your passion.
  • Sock Bee, Singapore
    Casper was very patient despite us asking many questions right from the start. His knowledge is truly respectable for someone at his age. He advises us to keep it simple and save up for rainy days. The price agreed at the hospital was the same as what i paid for on the funeral day. Transparent and honest !
  • Magdalene, Singapore
    Was recommended by my relative to use their service. Very fast response time. They arrived at the morgue just 20 minutes from my call. Very professional and friendly. I highly recommend to all of my family and friends. Jiayou !
  • Joseph, Singapore
    Thanks for being the comfort and listening ears during this period of distress. Casper was there to guide me step by step on what to do, what to expect, and what to save on. I respect him for his integrity and honesty. Can't thank you guys enough. Keep up that passion
  • Mathias, Singapore
    Casper was patient and responsive. I felt assured entrusting the funeral of my late mum to him. Very efficient. The funeral director is very responsible and honest. He even gave a goodwill discount at the end. Excellent !
  • Desmond, Singapore
    The funeral was well handled with dignity. I respect the funeral director, he doesn't boss anyone around. He is a good leader and I trust that he will bring his peers to greater heights. Keep up the immaculate work attitude and transparent pricing Casper !
  • 佩玲,吉隆坡
    很感激洪先生为我们处理大体运回吉隆坡。你们全体的服务人员都很专业。服务效力高,价格合理。年轻有为,赞 !