• Jace, Singapore
    I sincerely grateful that you and your company, Funeral Services Singapore, practically held my hands and walked me through the whole funeral from start to finish
  • Kevin Seow & Pauline Goh
    We would like to express our appreciation for your excellent service during our father's bereavement. Despite having some difficult issues during the past 5 days, you displayed high professionalism
  • Theresa Ang, Singapore
    The whole funeral arrangement was seamlessly smooth. We just have to make a call and Casper will respond promptly to our enquiries and needs
  • Lim Na, Singapore
    You were very patient right from our initial contact at the hospital and your professionalism and efficient was very evident throughout i.e. from wake to funeral
  • Catherine Emmanuel, Singapore
    You were professional, well-dressed and well-mannered. Your continuous patience and professionalism have deeply touched our hearts. We are grateful for the little things
  • Allen Widjaja, Indonesia
    The repatriation of my uncle was done with a G200 private jet flown down from Hong Kong with the connection of the funeral director namely Casper. I am simply amazed because my uncle was flown back in dignity and most importantly fast. Thumbs up !!
  • Herman Suryawati, Indonesia
    Special thanks to the funeral director Casper for the excellent work. Knowledgeable, friendly, and very well connected with our country's embassy and funeral home. Keep up the good work
  • Salims Family, Indonesia
    We are very impressed with how Casper work. He even got us a personal butler to service us during our stay here while awaiting repatriation. Got to fly in the exclusive G200 jet from Hong Kong and the amount spent was worthwhile. Too personalised service with the added personal touch. Amazing
  • Mendari, Indonesia
    Very friendly service and efficient. Will recommend you to those in need.
  • Shuviiepotak, Russia
    Satisfied with how you talk and how you care for us during our stay here in Singapore. Been emotionally drained and Casper the funeral director, practically held our hands and walk us through till we depart from SG. And you have a nice kick ass Jaguar. Salute to you boss