Important Things to Know Before Attending a Buddhist Funeral

buddhist funeral services
People’s cultures and beliefs about death and funerals are very important when they do the right things for the last goodbye. When someone hears about these customs and rituals for the first time, it can open their eyes. If you ever have to go to a Buddhist funeral service in Singapore, now is a good time to learn the basics, so you know what to expect.

Read to understand what you should know before attending Buddhist funeral services.

  • Funeral Rituals

Many Buddhist funeral services happen in Singapore’s funeral parlour or under an HDB void deck. In a wake ceremony, people can pay their respects to the dead and comfort the family. A picture of the person who died will be put in front of the casket during the funeral wake in Chinese. Buddhist tradition says that a picture of Buddha can also be put near the altar. Candles and incense will be lit on the altar. People will pay their respects to the dead by lighting a joss stick and bowing to them. However, if you do not want to do that for whatever reason, you can bow for a few seconds instead. 

Buddhism is okay with both burial and cremation. For the second, monks may be at the crematorium to lead the chanting. Once the family has the remains, they can keep them in an enshinedina, a columbarium, or spread them out at sea.

  • Gifts, cards, and donations 

At Buddhist funeral services, people are asked to send donations and gifts as a sign of sympathy. You can also send wreaths or arrangements of white flowers to show your sorrow. For money gifts, put the money in a white envelope and give it to the family of the person who died. This can go a long way toward making it easier for them to pay for all the funeral costs and expenses.

  • Dress respectfully

Dressing modestly is at the heart of what Buddhists teach. When going to Buddhist funeral services or any funeral, it is important to wear something that fits the mood. When choosing your dress, color is also a very important thing to think about. Many people wear white to Buddhist funerals, but you can also wear black. Red, which means happiness, is not a good choice because it is bright and flashy.

When going to a Buddhist funeral service, you must follow the rules of etiquette. Dressing properly and participating in the rituals show the utmost respect for the dead and the grieving family members. Guests who are not Buddhists can quietly watch the ceremonies and stand or sit as they are told.

Direct funeral service providers help to grieving families through the process of making funeral arrangements. You can find Buddhist casket services that fit your values, traditions, and ways of doing things. Buddhist funeral practices can be different for each person, so it is always best to work with someone who knows what they are doing.

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