International Funeral Repatriation Services in Singapore

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At Ang Brothers Funeral Services Singapore, we take pride in being a one-stop solution for all funeral needs – this includes international funeral repatriation. Whether it’s inbound or outbound, we are equipped with the experience and procedural know-how to bring your loved one’s body back to their homeland country efficiently.

As a funeral parlour, we understand the overwhelming grief and stress from losing a loved one can render you confused and anguished – especially if they’ve passed on overseas. As such, we wish to help you ease the emotional burden by helping transfer them to Singapore so that they can have a proper send-off amongst their loved ones.

Trusted Repatriation Service Partner

Our funeral repatriation services are designed to meet your funeral needs from start to finish. They include repatriation counselling, private jet departure and air freight service, amongst many other things. With such services, you’d be able to go through this difficult time easier and focus on healing and grieving as we take care of the rest.

Our repatriation services aren’t just exclusive to Singaporeans either – we offer our trusted services for people around the world. Equipped with a network of international funeral homes, we are able to assist you in your funeral arrangements despite the geographical barrier. But that’s not all; our flexible repatriation services also include the handling of all the necessary details such as flight bookings, document processing and even down to the preparation of the body for the international repatriation process.  With the funeral directors on hand, they will be able to communicate and relay any necessary information to the international liaisons throughout the entire journey.

Repatriation Package Pricing

Ang Brothers Funeral Services offer an affordable repatriation package, ranging from $2000 onwards. Our transparent pricing policy ensures that you will always be in the know of what you’re paying for. Hidden costs do not exist.

Why Choose Ang Brothers Funeral Services?

At Ang Brothers Funeral Services, we take pride in offering a professional and sincere service, one that you can personalise to better meet your funeral needs. Our funeral directors will be there with you every step of the way, guiding you through the entire process.

  1. Over 40 Years of Funeral Experience and Accumulated Knowledge in Helping the Bereaved Families.
  2. Our Funeral Packages Are Affordable, And It Include All the Essential General Needs of a Funeral.
  3. Transparent Pricing Policy Ensures That You Only Pay What You Need. There Is No Hidden Cost.

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