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Our Repatriation Services Singapore

We specializes in international funeral repatriation services for both inbound and outbound of Singapore. Should a tragic death happen overseas, we are there to provide repatriation services Singapore to help you bring their body back to the homeland country efficiently. It does not need to be difficult or expensive to have repatriation services. We want to be here for you.

This is why we ensure that regardless of inbound or outbound of Singapore. We are able to ship deceased bodies internationally. We are also the Singapore Embassy’s preferred repatriation service company in Singapore.

Trusted Repatriation Service Partner

At Funeral Services Singapore, some of the repatriation services Singapore. That we offer include repatriation counselling, air freight service, private jet departure, and many more. These services ensure that you can go through this difficult and confusing time easier so you can be peaceful with your loved one’s passing.

We also offer our trusted repatriation services for people around the world. We are able to assist you in making arrangements according to your specific needs with a peace of mind. With a wide network of international funeral homes that we work with regularly, you can be assured that your loved one will be with you for the funeral service.

Our highly flexible repatriation services Singapore also mean that we handle all the necessary details such as document processing, flight bookings, and even the preparation of the body for the international repatriation process along with the funeral directors. Additionally, these funeral directors will also communicate with the liaisons at the end of the repatriation journey. If in doubt, call us directly.

Why Choose Us?

We are an efficient and speedy service that serves you sympathetically and passionately. We understand that this specific time can be difficult for you; therefore, we make sure that you receive the body of your loved one in the least amount of time possible. Furthermore. we keep you informed during every step of the process so you will know the delivery schedule and when the body arrives.

In addition, we are dedicated to ensuring that all the essential documents necessary for repatriation are endorsed within a short time frame of a few hours, regardless of it being a weekend or public holiday, as we have close connections with the embassies and consular internationally. It is our promise that no other repatriation service can provide the same efficient service as us. Funeral Services Singapore is also the preferred repatriation funeral partner for the embassies in Singapore.

Our Repatriation Package Pricing

Funeral Services Singapore provide a very affordable repatriation package that ranges from SGD$2,000 onwards. We offer a competitive price and have a transparent pricing policy to ensure that our clients will always know and understand what they are paying for. Click on our link to view more details about our repatriation services Singapore.

How to Engage Us?

You can contact us to inquire about our funeral Repatriation Services Package that we offer, by simply giving us a call at +65 8265 0301. We are at your services throughout the week. Or you can also email us with the contact form available on our website.

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