What to Write in a Buddhist Condolence Card

When you wonder about the words you should put down on a piece of Buddhist Condolence Card at the sad demise of someone’s loved ones, you need to tag along with the practicality of the situation. It is important for you to stay aloof from shortness, assumptions, and overused cliches. While considering the spectrum of condolence messages, you need to get the hang of the right ideas that you should emote through the Buddhist funeral services.

Here are some ideas that you might want to check.


Emote your feelings sympathetically. 

While jotting down your thoughts that will reach a person in a pensive moment of his or her life, you need to be careful with every word that you choose. Emoting your feelings sympathetically is something that you should practice here. As you emote through the card, you must make sure that you refrain from using words such as paradise and heaven. These terms will not go well with Buddhist culture and religious beliefs. Rather, you should focus on words that perpetrate the sense of the endless cycle of life.  


Share words of support 

When someone goes through the bereavement of a dear one’s demise, the individual is deeply saddened at heart. At that point of time, you could bring some hope to the inner space of his or her mind through your supportive message. You might project the understanding of Karma in the message.  Through the message, you need to stick out the good deeds as well as behaviors of the deceased.  At the same time, you might want to give the family members an impression that you are there as a support that they can count on. The condolence card should bear out an unmistakable sense of comfort and encouragement.


Conceding the legacy left by the departed ones

At the same time, during the Buddhist funeral service and while writing the card, you must emote the good deeds of the departed soul. Conceding or acknowledging the legacy left by the departed one is a must for you to keep in mind at the time of penning down your thoughts. There is some standard etiquette which you need to follow while penning down these cards with the concert of sympathy as well as support. You should focus on sharing the views of how the departed had played a role in inspiring people around him or her. 


Share personalized messages 

You should make sure that your messages turn out to be personalized ones. You need to empathize with them as if you are part of the family. You can ask if they need help with crucial things such as the Buddhist funeral package. You must not indulge in vague expressions. Always remember that condolence cards should reflect personalized messages only. That is how you connect with a person who is already grieving deep inside his or her mind. So, your thoughts with a bit of a personalized touch. 

The use of righteous words and sensitive terms should be the best thing to resort to when a situation for writing a Buddhist Condolence Card presents itself. While penning down your emotions on this card, you are advised to stay true to your emotions, focusing on the right admixtures of values and quintessence. 

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