Death According To Taoism: What Does Taoism Teach About Life After Death

Taoism is a religion and philosophy in which the universe’s natural order is viewed as a part of an unbroken cycle of existence. The philosophy’s central theme is that humanity will attain immortality through living in harmony with Tao. But, what does Taoism teach about life after death? Find out here.

What Does Taoism Teach About Life After Death?

In Taoism, there are no clear answers to what happens when we die or after death, but there are some things you can learn about life after death based on concepts within it. Also, this is of much importance to how a funeral is done. Plan the best Taoist funeral in Singapore for your loved one and select the best funeral packages in Singapore, so that everything is done properly.  According to Taoism, we will continue to exist after death, and there is no such thing as heaven or hell. Our bodies will dissolve in the earth, and the spirit will return to the earth but not in this world. After death, we are born into a new life again. We reincarnate over and over until we have learned everything that we want to know. The process of reincarnation is sometimes called the “life cycle”. 

Taoism is also different from most other religions regarding the love of a family because it believes that parents should always care for their children and that the children should always be respectful towards their parents in return.

Do Taoists Believe In Life After Death? 

Taoists believe in an afterlife. They believe that there are countless different realms, each having its own laws and characteristics. When a person dies, the soul leaves the body and travels to the next realm of existence. Each realm has its own intermediate celestial beings that help bring the soul to its appropriate dwelling place. 

Taoists believe that these intermediate celestial beings are called yang gods and yin gods. These beings tend to be very similar to humans but are not necessarily one. The most important thing for Taoism is for people to be good when they are on earth and then help others be good after death in their new lives.

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Eternity in Taoism

Immortality is something that occurs when you achieve oneness with the Tao. The way to do this is to be good and kind in life. Then after death, you will be able to keep your spirit with you and move to other realms where you can help others achieve immortality too.

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Immortality in Taoism

Throughout history, Taoists have believed to be their physical immortality. In the words of Tao Te Ching, this is achieved through not putting great weight upon “being born and dying”. To achieve immortality, one must follow the path of minimalism as outlined in the Tao Te Ching. Once this is achieved, one will be “thrown around like a shuttlecock” and never be bound to the cycle of rebirth.

Purpose in Life

According to Taoism, life’s purpose is to learn from our mistakes and return to the one pure being that is the world of Tao. The goal is to live a simple life without hurting others or getting hurt by them.

We can conclude that Taoism believes in an afterlife. All in all, you can get Taoist funeral services Singapore


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