Christian Funerals And The Factors That Affect Their Cost

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Losing a loved one is never easy to accept. Nonetheless, it’s important to plan and arrange a final send-off for their journey in the afterlife. With the help of comprehensive funeral services in Singapore, doing so is now hassle-free and allows the bereaved to focus more on the funeral and less on its logistics.

But due to the straightforwardness of the process, it’s only natural that the costs of the service would increase as well. From picking up the body to laying them to rest, there are many different services that a funeral director and accompanying staff take care of on behalf of a grieving family. In this article, we go over the primary factors that affect the costs of a Christian funeral in Singapore.

Professional Services Fee

The professional services fee required by your preferred funeral home encompasses the initial cost of their services on top of the ones provided in the following sections. This primarily includes the funeral director’s fee along with the usual logistical fees such as overall planning of the funeral, securing the necessary permits and documents, such as the death certificate, and coordinating with other third parties. Additionally, these fees will also cover the day-to-day operating costs and expenses for the staff that will be ready to assist you 24/7 until the end of the contract.

Body Collection and Care of the Deceased

The cost of collecting the deceased’s body and its care is included in the previous section, but it can vary depending on the deceased’s wishes or your family. For the body collection, funeral providers may charge extra if the death occurred outside of their established service area. On top of that, some of them may also charge a bariatric fee if the deceased exceeds their typical weight standards.

Meanwhile, embalming and other services related to their care may or may not be included depending on the desired funeral. If the body is going to be cremated, embalming and embellishment services won’t be necessary and shall not be included in the costs.

Casket or Urn

In a traditional funeral, the deceased’s casket will likely be the most expensive item on your funeral cost list. Depending on the funeral home, the casket may already be included in your chosen funeral package, or it could be a separate item that you need to purchase from them. Some funeral homes also allow you to provide your own casket from a third-party source. If you opt for cremation instead, costs are sure to be significantly decreased because of the omission of a casket and the beautification services mentioned previously.


The funeral ceremony itself, which is typically held at the funeral home’s parlour or at a void deck, also largely contributes to the funeral expenses. Your total cost may vary based on the facilities and services included in your choice, such as tentage, tables and chairs, and other basic amenities like lighting and ventilation.

Other Funeral Arrangements and Decorations

Last but not least are the non-inclusive funeral arrangements that you can choose to add to your chosen package. These arrangements include food catering, decorations, and funeral photography, to name a few. Gravestones and other monuments at the burial site of the deceased are also generally non-inclusive and will either be bought separately from the funeral home or a third-party.


To allow grieving families to focus on what matters most, funeral providers now take it upon themselves to handle most of the details of holding a Christian funeral service. The factors listed above are the primary ones that drive the cost of a funeral, but if you want to know everything that you’re paying for, don’t hesitate to ask for a General Price List before making your decision.

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