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If you’ve decided on a traditional burial for either you or your loved one, you can’t leave out one of the most crucial aspects of funeral planning: casket selection. This is unchartered territory to many and choosing one out of an array of caskets might be challenging, especially if you’re wrought with grief and sorrow.

As such, we’re here to give a quick rundown on the things you’ll want to take note when selecting and purchasing a casket.

Difference Between Casket And Coffin

Before we can start diving into the multiple caskets available in the market, we’ll first need to distinguish caskets from coffins. Whilst they are usually used interchangeably, 2 characteristics set them apart: the shape and a split lid or lack thereof.

Caskets are typically rectangular in shape and they’re constructed either from metal or solid wood. They also come with a split lid for the purpose of viewing the body before the body is sent for burial or cremation.

In comparison, coffins are generally abated narrow on the top, wider in the middle, and narrower at the bottom. They’re generally made from custom wood, composite board, solid wood, and come in various colours and shades. Despite not having a split lid, a casket can also be used for viewing.

Different Types of Caskets in Singapore

Caskets come in various shapes and sizes, all of which to cater to the individual budget, preference and religion. Take a look at the different caskets down below to find one that fits the bill.

Metal Casket

Of the many metals used to make caskets, those made in bronze and copper offer the highest price point for its rust-proof finishing and durability. They are usually priced by weight per foot.

Due to Singapore’s mandated 15 years tenure for burial plots and the metal caskets’ incompatibility with cremation, these caskets are not commonly found in Singapore.

Wooden Casket

More commonly seen in Singapore compared to their metal counterparts, wooden caskets are made of various types of hardwood, from Mahogany, Oak to even Veneer. Ones made of Veneer, Pine and Poplar are the popular choices as they are very economical. Mahogany, Cherry and Walnut, on the other hand, are more expensive due to its exquisite highly polished finishes.

Eco-Green Casket

In line with the environmental and sustainability movement, Eco-Green caskets are made of eco-friendly and biodegradable materials such as bamboo, hemp and organic wood. Some even come in cardboard and plywood. Whilst they are not as mainstream as wooden caskets, they are slowly becoming an alternative option as Singaporeans jump on the Green movement.

Gasketed Casket

Also known protective caskets, gasketed caskets are sealed with a rubber gasket to keep the elements out. However, since gas can still freely enter and escape, decomposition will still occur, except at a slower rate.

Purchasing A Casket

Whilst funeral parlours have embraced the online channels to advertise their funeral services, you’d want to spend a day to browse their selections in person. Not only are you able to see and inspect the caskets for yourself, but you’re also able to ask your funeral director if you have any enquiries. So, skip the cumbersome exchange of emails and get your answers right on the spot! This way, you can come to a decision much easier. If you’re opting for a funeral package, do note to ask whether the choosing of funeral casket is possible.

Some customers buy the first caskets they see, without reviewing all the options. Instead of rushing through the entire process, it’s best to explore all the available options and weigh the pros and cons involved with each type of casket. You’ll want to place a lot of consideration when choosing and purchasing a casket – after all, a dignified funeral send-off needs to be made on a series of informed decisions. Only then can you give your departed loved one a befitting funeral ceremony.

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