A Guide to Casket Options for Families and Individuals

A Guide to Casket Options for Families and Individuals

Funeral customs have changed dramatically over the past few years. Nowadays, people like to choose from a long list of options for customization regarding funeral planning. Depending on your budget for funeral costs in Singaporeyou can now select from a wide range of casket options. 

Whether you are planning your funeral in advance or your way to say a special goodbye to someone dear, it is essential to know the options available for the caskets and how the choice can affect the cost. 

Know the different types

The casket will be the resting place for the dead body of a loved one. It is more like a receptacle for the respectful transportation of the body to the cremation place or burial ground. With multiple caskets to choose from, here comes the primary varieties of caskets available in the market. 

1. Materials

Whether you are opting for the in-ground burial or burying the cremation urn, you should know the basic materials that constitute the caskets.

  • Metal caskets

These caskets are durable with an austere appearance. The standard metals include stainless steel, copper, or bronze. The Singapore funeral cost will vary depending on whether you go for the gasketed casket. 

In the gasketed casket, there will be a rubber component present on the casket’s lid that will help to prevent the entry of external elements inside the casket. The price will also depend on the aesthetic features and the external hardware on the metallic body. 

  • Wood

You can select the wood caskets anytime for natural beauty. The use of premium wood like cherry, mahogany, and walnut will add to the Singapore casket pricingBut you can also settle for less expensive wood like poplar.

You can get a covering of premium wood veneer on the cheap woof that will minimize the cost and offer maximum elegance. 

2. Design

Regardless of the material that you choose for the casket, you need to specify the design that you prefer for the structure. This will depend largely on how you are planning to organize the viewing and funeral. 

If you are ready to select the open casket, you will get a couple of options:

  • The half-couch style is where the lid will be split into two halves. Only the top half will open during viewing. 
  • The full-couch style where the lid is a single piece. It is ideal for funerals where you plan to close the caskets completely. 

The funeral cost in Singapore will increase or decrease with the nature of the designs you choose. 

3. Interiors

Many families demand a personalized funeral service that will help them to bid the perfect goodbye to their loved ones. The interior casket options can include

  • Satin, crepe, or velvet, are ideal for traditional metal caskets as well as wooden ones. The materials signify comfort, respect, luxury, and elegance. Velvet is always a popular option owing to the soft texture of the material. 
  • Cotton is for those who want to go for a green funeral. 

The material can add further to the Singapore funeral costalthough it will be worth every dollar.

Buy caskets online

Do you know that you can now order the caskets online too> many families have trusted the reputed online shops and they have got the perfect caskets will all the desired personalization. 

Moreover, you may get interesting discounts on the Singapore casket pricing in online stores. All you need to do is to do some research on the store and find out whether the space has more negative reviews or positive reviews. It will aid in making the right decision.

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