A comprehensive guide to attending a funeral wake


Losing your loved one is the most disheartening news you receive from your friends or close relatives. All the memories with the deceased person become mere nostalgia for you.

Once you lose the person forever, the love for the person and also the grudges you have held against him all become irrelevant. 

The most painful situation comes when you need to attend the funeral wake of such a person. The whole atmosphere becomes heavy with only tears in everyone’s eyes attending the funeral. 

One of the most subtle and serene ways to express your grief for the deceased is to bring flowers to such a ceremony. But, make sure you choose the appropriate flower and the colour that will be suitable for such an occasion.

Few suggestions about the choice of flowers

Each funeral flower and its colour conveys a message from your end. It is always wise to select the flower that was the deceased person’s favourite. In case you are unaware of his choice, you can follow these tips to avoid any unpleasant situation at the funeral wake.

  • Crimson rose

A timeless memorial to your loved one, the Crimson Rose Cremation Urn. Red roses are used to indicate love, courage, and deep respect. Crimson roses convey extreme grief.

  • Orchids 

This flower will signify your elegance, reverence, and eternal love for the deceased. The best part is that these flowers are sober looking and come in light shades like pink and white. 

Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis are the popular varieties that can show your deep sympathy for the bereaved. 

  • Lilies

White lilies can never go wrong in the direct funeralThey symbolize the innocence and purity of the departed soul.

You can either take a bunch of these flowers or arrange them in the floral basket to enhance its look and pay homage to the deceased.

  • Chrysanthemums

When you bid a final farewell to your loved one, you can choose this flower to represent the honesty and vivacity of the person. 

Its presence denotes the joy the deceased person had brought in your life during his lifetime and the person’s lively nature.

  • Flower arrangements  

Flowers are the best way to express your gratitude to the departing soul. You can choose from various flower arrangements for the morning ceremony.

  • Casket spray

This flower decoration is very popular and is generally prepared by the bereaved family members.

It is available in two sizes. One is full-size, covering the entire casket, and the other is half-closed that is relatively small, and partially wraps the casket.

  • Standing spray

These are apt for open casket funerals usually seen in the direct funeral. High-profile reputed families present this style of flower decoration to signify a person’s passing.

It is always advisable to communicate with the deceased’s family members in case you don’t know about the funeral wake in Chinese because different cultures prefer different kinds of flowers.

Even the choice of colour for the flower varies and conveys specific emotions. So be careful as these moments are very sensitive and need special consideration from your end.

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