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Soka Association Funeral in Singapore

Soka Funeral Singapore is Soka Association is a Buddhist organization from Japan, with spreading Buddhism in a cultural way. The Soka Association always volunteers to participate in national events like Chingay and National Day Parade in Singapore. It is an organization that spreads Buddhism teaching through cultural performance. Many may have heard of this religion and often term it as a Japanese religion. However, the beliefs of the Soka Association are the same as a staunch Buddhist. It is basically the reflection of one’s self and taking the necessary actions to achieve success. So I believe no religion will teach or promote harm.

However, the ashes of the deceased have to be a member or leader in order to qualify. The Soka Association has its own Columbarium at Senja Road in Singapore. The columbarium is specially build to house the ashes of its members and leaders. The death rate of a member of the Soka Association is at an average of one per day. However, the organization continues to grow. So with more new members taking up the faith of the Gohonzon as their religion and worship.

Soka Funeral Singapore

How is a Soka Funeral Service being conducted in Singapore?. A Soka Funeral in Singapore is a solemn event. It is almost similar to a Christian funeral, considering the white majestic curtain and also white light surrounding the casket area. The casket is put at the center of the tent in a horizontal position. With the head pointing to the left and the leg on the right. Just in front of the casket will be the altar, commonly as the Buzutan or Gohonzon.

Members and Leaders of the Soka Association will usually come forward in the evening to pay respect and offer prayers in the form of chanting daimoku. Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, which we believe, help to eradicate the negative karma caused by the deceased previous life. By chanting daimoku, one is able to reflect and eradicate their negative karma cause by their slander of the law in this life and in the past. The Soka Association is a big organization and its members and also leaders are closely bond together. On a usual evening, expect to see at least fifty to sixty members chanting daimoku at the HDB Void Deck where the funeral wake is.

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