Repatriation Services in Singapore

Repatriation Services in Singapore refers to the returning of the deceased to their country of origin either inbound or outbound. Families are often in a loss because they do not know what to do. Bringing the deceased back to their homeland is what we specialize in. It is no longer a worrying issue because we are well connected with the many embassies in Singapore. Repatriation Services Singapore could be done by land, air or sea. There are many options available to families. We usually give choices and suggestions to families. Our main objective is to help the grieving families save cost, and at the same time get their loved ones home at the shortest time possible.

Many unscrupulous service providers will take the opportunity to overcharge a foreigner customer in Singapore. We never believe in overcharging as we build our Company’s reputation worldwide. We want to ensure that foreigners have the confidence in Singapore’s Funeral industry. By practising a transparent billing policy, customers have full confidence and faith when they engage our services.

Repatriation Services in Singapore

Our Repatriation Funeral Package cover a basic transportation casket, professional cosmetology service and embalming, to ensure that the deceased body is well preserved and meet all port clearance requirements. The sealing certificate and embalming certificate are issued by us directly. We are well associated with our counterparts in all embassies and we ensure that all necessary endorsements are done at the shortest time, even on public holidays.

We tie up with most international airlines and we get acceptance as soon as all the documentation are done. For many years, we have worked with foreigners who come from different backgrounds. Singapore Bereavement Services Pte Ltd is also the only company in Singapore to be given the authority to fly a G200 private jet into Singapore. Due to our connections, we get things done seamlessly, giving the families a peace of mind. Repatriation Services is no longer expensive when you engage the correct company. Call us now to find out more if you are in doubts at 6464 9809.

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