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Premium Casket Selection

At Ang Brothers Funeral Services, we offer a wide selection of premium caskets. There are many types of coffins and caskets available. Firstly, we classify our coffins into the cremation or burial category. For instance, the material used to construct both caskets differ. Cremation caskets are much lighter. In addition, burial caskets are made from solid wood. In the older days, families choose their preferred casket and make a marking on it. This is a tradition from the older generation. However, in this current era, customers normally choose their casket preference from a tablet. The common half glass coffins available are in shapes of rectangular or eight-sided.

Choosing A Good Casket

Often during this troublesome time, families are not able to decide what to choose. Since we are a one-stop funeral service provider, it is our duty to assist the family in selecting the appropriate casket choice. There is no right or wrong which coffin to select or buy. We help you to make a decision depending on your budget. Our aim is to ensure you do not overspend. In fact, all our funeral packages are inclusive of a half glass premium polished wood casket already. Families who wish to upgrade the package casket may do so at an additional top-up fee to the funeral package price. All our imported caskets come with an inner lining and PVC base made on the interior of the casket. In conclusion, our professional team is here to help you choose the most suitable casket and coffin for your loved one.

Our Premium Casket Service

Here at Ang Brothers Funeral Services, we don’t only sell caskets. We provide a full-fledge one-stop funeral service solution to all consumers in Singapore. For instance, our funeral package includes Caskets, Embalming, Cremation Arrangement, Tent & Tables Rental etc. We price our funeral packages attractively to ensure all Singaporeans can afford a dignified funeral at an affordable price. You can have peace of mind when engaging us. Your satisfaction is our priority. What you see on our website is exactly what you need to pay.

Who We Are?

Ang Brothers Funeral Services date back to the 1950s. It has passed through three generations. The Ang Family has been around helping the less fortunate fulfil their last journey. We are well known for our pro-bono work. Till date, we have helped thousands of families complete their last journey with peace of mind. Our professional staffs are trained to handle customers in a sensitive manner. We always believe in rendering service with a personal touch. Commercializing the funeral industry will also mean that there will be a loss in the personal touch. Since our inception, our funeral package price has remained unchanged for the past 20 years. We have helped to customize caskets over many years. Our customization includes Arsenal Football themed caskets, Disney themed caskets for toddlers and many more. We are the only casket supplier in Singapore that can customize a coffin within two hours. We are proud to be one of the leading funeral services providers in Singapore.

How To Enquire With Us?

To enquire about our casket and funeral services, feel free to call us at 9871 8388. We are available 24/7 to take your call. Alternatively, you may fill up our online enquiry form. Let our professionals help you during this difficult time.

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