Religious Versus Non Religious Funeral Services- What You Should Know

Religious Versus Non Religious Funeral Services- What You Should Know

A couple of decades ago, practically all the funeral services in Singapore are religious in nature. But that has changed a lot over the years. Today more and more people are opting to go for non religious funeral services instead of the more traditional religious ones. If you are planning a funeral then the first decision you will have to make is a decision about which of the two to go for.

Not all religious funeral services are the same and they can differ significantly in terms of how they conduct ceremonies as well as how the remains of the deceased are disposed with. For instance, while a Christian funeral service will usually end with the body being buried in a grave. A Buddhist funeral service will usually end in cremation of the body. However, at the heart of every religious funeral service is a belief that there is life after death. As such, the mourners and the people presiding over. The funeral will usually try to do everything in their power to make sure that. The deceased is comfortable in the afterlife, including offering prayers to a higher being.

Non religious funeral services

Non religious funeral services generally do not take into account life after death. In fact most people who opt for such funerals do not believe that there is any other life after death. And so any prayers for the deceased are not part of the ceremony.

At their very core, they are more about celebrating the life of the departed than they are about anything else. The mourners will usually use the funeral as an opportunity to reflect on and remember the kind of life that the departed lived. And most of the ceremony will be dedicated to sharing such memories among the people present at the funeral.

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