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Leading Funeral Services Provider in Singapore

Funeral Services Provider in Singapore, Many times, funeral services company often claim that they are the leading funeral services provider in Singapore. How do we rate a funeral services company? Many families in Singapore usually lookout for a few qualities in a funeral company. Firstly, the price of the funeral package. And secondly, the service standards. You won’t be surprised to see families paying a little more for better service.

However, there are of course families who are paying more attention to the price of the funeral package. Often, such families are jam in a situation where they end up paying much more than agreed. This is due to many hidden costs that the funeral services provider did not make know to the family. Of course, it is already too late as the decease might have been cremated already.

Funeral Services Singapore

Furthermore, it can be taxing on the family members if they are not financially inclined to foot the total bill. How do we put a stop to all these unethical service providers? Here at Funeral Services Singapore, we ensure that families engage us with confidence, knowing that they will never be overcharged. Our package price has been unchanged for the past 5 years. We are happy to have many referral customers or returning customers. Our popular and affordable Buddhist Funeral Package in Singapore only costs $5,500 for a 3 Days Funeral at an HDB Void Deck. And our Christian Funeral Services Package in Singapore costs only $4,000 for a 3 Days Funeral at an HDB Void Deck.

We don’t tell families we are good. Our wonderful testimonials on our Facebook page and website tells it all. Our ever-popular Buddhist Funeral Package is well known to consumers in Singapore. Because we have already included all the necessary general needs of a Buddhist Funeral Services in Singapore.

Families no longer have to worry about additional costs or get disappointed at the end of the funeral. This is because we have always honoured what we advertise on our website. By doing so, we practise a healthy relationship with our valued customers. If you are unsure of what is in our funeral package price, feel free to reach us via phone at 8265 0301

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