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What happened when your loved one passes away all of a sudden? After your dear one leaves you for a heavenly abode you are plunged into utter despair and grief. But, at the same time, you are tensed about holding a funeral/ funeral wake to give your beloved one a final homage. Therefore, arranging a funeral or funeral wake becomes necessary and inevitable for the faithful departed.

Funeral or, the funeral wake can be simple or comprehensive and usually differs with religious ethnicity.   In general, a funeral director can assist you with arrangements for a funeral wake in Singapore. However, you are free to source for funeral service providers as well especially from the internet or referral from friends. Now, the question is how to hold a funeral wake at a funeral parlour in Singapore?

To eradicate your confusion, Ang Brothers Funeral Services is there to help you. To explain further, Ang Brothers Funeral Services is the preferred funeral director in Singapore. We are well experienced to hold a prestigious and respectful funeral wake for the deceased for decades. In addition, we offer the most affordable and economic funeral packages in Singapore. Therefore, you may rely on us.

Legal Requirements of Funeral Wake in Singapore

Before, you arrange a funeral; you have to comply with some legal requirements of a funeral. For instance, Ang Brothers Funeral Services will help you step-by-step in arranging a funeral wake at a funeral parlour or anywhere else and comply with legal requirements as specified by Singapore Govt. Therefore, in obtaining a Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD) and registering the death with appropriate authority we are there for you right from the beginning. But, what if the cause of death is unnatural? Don’t worry, we will collect the body from mortuary/ hospitals and then bring it to our facility for embalming and en-coffining.

Now, depending on the location and duration of the funeral wake, Wakes takes place at a funeral parlour, void deck, or private house. However, if you are holding the wake at a void deck, you will need to obtain a permit from your Town Council. Henceforth, if you are holding the wake in a landed property and need to use part of the road outside the house, you will need to get a permit from the Traffic Police (TP).

What if, you plan to hold the wake which extends for more than seven days then you have to take permission from National Environmental Agency (NEA). For instance, Ang Brothers Funeral Services can assist you with this. Actually, our funeral packages consist of A-Z of funerals for every religion or, ethnicity present in Singapore.

Funeral Wake at a Funeral Parlour in Singapore

Before the funeral ceremony, many people choose to place an obituary in the newspapers. This is a personal choice and it is up to you how you would like to place an obituary. After that, the actual ceremony takes place. Ang brothers funeral generally bring the body to its place for embalming. After that, female embalmers perform the embalming and make-ups. After the completion of the step, we en-coffin the body and transfer it to Void-deck area or Funeral parlours.

For funeral wake at the funeral parlour, we take the advice from the deceased family to choose the right funeral parlour under his/her budget. Funeral parlour provides all the facilities to hold a remarkable funeral wake for the departed. However, our funeral packages do not consist of the funeral parlour fee. Hence, we bill you separately for this.

Now, our preferred funeral parlours are –

  1. Sin Ming Funeral Parlour,
  2. AYS Remembrance Hall,
  3. Singapore Funeral Parlour,
  4. Garden of Remembrance.

We have used those funeral parlours to hold a funeral wake for the Buddhists, the Christians, the   Sokas, the Taoists, the Catholic, and the Free-Thinker for more than a decade. Now, holding a funeral wake at a funeral parlour in Singapore is a grand ceremony to bid the final goodbye to your loved ones. As we have told earlier, we are the preferred and trustworthy funeral director in Singapore to arrange the funeral ceremony at funeral parlours.

How Ang Brothers can Help You Arranging a Funeral Wake at Funeral Parlour?

Ang Brothers Funeral Services choose the ideal funeral parlour for their clients considering the economic strata, religious ethnicity, and emotion and so on so forth. What exactly happens in a funeral ceremony at a Funeral parlour? To explain, the actual funeral event takes place at the funeral parlour. For example, Buddhist monk chanting sutras in a Buddhist Funeral, a Priest reads the Bible verses in a Christian Funeral. Lights, Chairs, tables are arranged by Funeral parlour itself or you can arrange it of your own with your funeral directors. Toilet or, the washroom is available in Funeral parlours in Singapore. Foods are offered to the visitors during a funeral wake at a funeral parlour in Singapore.

After the ceremony ends the family either choose cremation or burial depending upon their religion. Funeral Parlour offers the most of the services therefore our task becomes easier. If cremation is taken place, ash is collected in an urn and offered to the family. After that, the family may choose ground burial, sea burial or, tree burial with ashes. To sum up, please follow the frequently asked questions below.

Facilities of Holding a Funeral Wake at Funeral Parlours in Singapore

The following are some facilities of holding a funeral ceremony at a funeral parlour in Singapore –

  1.  Less Legal Proceedings
  2. Absolute Peace of Mind
  3. Plenty of Spaces
  4. Rest Room/ Shower Room Availability
  5. Guest Room Availability
  6. Decoration/ Tentage Arrangement
  7. Fans, Lights, and Electrical Fittings
  8. Free Wifi Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 – How to hold a funeral wake at a Funeral parlour in Singapore?

A1 – Holding a funeral wake at a Funeral parlour is fairly simple. You may call Ang Brothers +6582650301 and the rest will be taken care of by us.

Q2 – What are the best funeral parlours to hold a funeral wake at Singapore?

A2 – Sin Ming Funeral Parlour, AYS Remembrance Hall, Singapore Funeral Parlour, Garden of Remembrance etc. You may find a comprehensive list of funeral parlours in Singapore Here.

Q3 – Do Ang Brothers can help me to arrange a funeral at funeral Parlours?

A3 – Of course, Ang Brothers can help you arrange a funeral at a funeral parlour or anywhere else for you. For instance, we consider it as our supreme duty to the Society. 

Q4 – Do embalming facility available at Funeral parlour?

A4 – Yes, it is quite available. You may rely on us too for embalming facility and it is required to preserve the dead body and delay the decomposition.

Q5 – Who will arrange the transport for the visitors, or the body to a funeral parlour?

A5 – Ang Brothers Funeral Services will arrange the transport for the visitors or, the dead body to the funeral parlour of your choice. To know more, please visit our Services page.

Q6 – How much it would cost to hold a funeral ceremony at funeral parlour?

A6 – Please, do visit our Funeral Package page for more details.

Q7 – Does parlour fee embedded in your funeral package?

A7 – No, that will be billed separately.

Q8 – What are the funeral services Ang Brothers offer?

A8 – We offer Buddhist Funeral Services, Taoist Funeral Services, Christian Funeral Services, Catholic Funeral Services, Soka Funeral Services, Free-Thinker Funeral Services, and Funeral Flowers Services.

Q9 – What are the funeral packages Ang Brothers offer?

A9 – We offer Buddhist Funeral Packages, Taoist Funeral Packages, Christian Funeral Packages, Catholic Funeral Packages, Soka Funeral Packages, Free-Thinker Funeral Packages, and Funeral Flowers Packages.

Q10 – I am Buddhist. Which funeral parlour is best for me to hold a wake?

A10 – Actually, Funeral parlours are available and provide services irrespective of religion. So, do us. Don’t worry; we respect your rites, rituals and customs for your respective religion. We will arrange the best funeral parlour in Singapore for the best funeral wake for your loved one.

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