Dealing With Losing a Loved One

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Dealing With Losing a Loved One

Losing a loved one can be a very sad and emotional time. Clinical studies have shown that our feelings can sometimes make it difficult to get on with daily tasks. Dealing with the practical and financial aspects can feel difficult, however, they will help you to move forward. Sorting out the more pressing arrangements such as organizing the funeral service and dealing with the money, are better done as soon as possible. It means that you will then be able to focus on adjusting emotionally and remembering your loved one and the times you had together. Here are three things that you may need to consider.

A funeral to say goodbye

Organizing the funeral is one of the first tasks that is usually undertaken after you have lost a loved one. This is a special process that will help you to gain some understanding and perspective of what has happened. It is a way to say goodbye and think about all of the treasured memories that you have. It is also for friends and family to pay their respects to the deceased. Your funeral care home will be able to help you with the arrangements for this.

Work out the bills

If your loved one was contributing financially to bills and a mortgage, you may need to sort this out very quickly after they have died. It may be that you need to arrange a remortgage or make alternative plans on how to pay the rent and the bills. You should check if they have bank accounts or a safety deposit box. You may also have to arrange payment of any outstanding credit card balances or loans from their assets. Making a list of the kind of financial arrangements you need to organize so that you can deal with one thing at a time.

Deal with your loved one’s assets

In Singapore, only 10-15% of people leave a will. If your loved one has arranged this legal document, then it will help you to distribute their assets easily. You may wish to consult the legal firm that helped to draw up the will if you have any concerns or questions. If your loved one didn’t leave a will and there are multiple beneficiaries, then often the court will have to decide how these are shared. Dealing with the financial distribution of assets after losing your loved one will help you to move forward and have time to grieve.

Organizing the practical arrangements is necessary after losing a loved one. Looking after these details will help you to look to the future and move on.

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