Creative Ideas For Funeral Services

Creative Ideas For Funeral Services

There are many ways to be innovative and creative when planning a loved one’s funeral. Especially today, it’s no surprise to see more personalised Buddhist funerals in Singapore instead of traditional funerals. Personalizing funerals has become the norm, more than a choice for families who want to show how their loved ones lived a valuable, rewarding, and fun life.

How to do it without worrying about spending a lot of money and time will be shared. You can always improvise and use your creativity to personalise certain elements that will remember your lost person fondly.

Let’s see some Creative Ideas For Funeral Services

Use flowers liberally

Floral arrangements aren’t just for funerals. You can use them to beautify the environment where the memorial service will be held. Flowers symbolize various feelings and qualities. You may want to consult with a funeral home to find out what type of flowers would be most appropriate. Be creative in arranging flowers. You want the environment to look tremendous, and flower arrangements are one thing that will help you achieve this objective.

Pick a custom casket.

Customising a deceased loved one’s casket is a beautiful way to honour their life and passion. Patterned, brightly coloured caskets featuring floral, sports, or musical motifs, national symbols, or animal designs have become increasingly popular. Some businesses also offer the option of having a customised image printed on the funeral Singapore casket pricing. You can ask loved ones and friends to add unique touches to the casket, such as handwritten notes or drawings.

Memorial painting

The painting can do something for your family or friends. If you can’t find someone who knows how to do it, you can commission someone else to do it. You can visit local schools to see if there is someone with artistic talent who can paint portraits.

Collectable display

Another creative memorial idea involves showcasing some of your deceased relative’s hobbies and special interests. This can include sports cards, memorabilia, musical instruments, books, collectable action figures, photographs, and other things they enjoyed while they were alive. You can place these items on a particular display table so that people at the memorial can see them.

Choose a theme

The theme can be almost anything that reminds you of the deceased person. Have everyone wear something green, print the memorial on green paper, and include green in the food or finger foods you serve at the reception. If the deceased loved music, you might want to play it a lot and have people perform renditions of songs that the deceased loved.

Memorial candles

You can get cremation candles customised with the deceased’s name and date of death. It is also possible to include a short inscription. It can be a unique way to remember those who have died, and memorial candles are great gifts to give to those attending the memorial.

Personalising a funeral can be a meaningful and creative way to remember your loved one. With the simple and innovative ways shared here, you’ll be able to incorporate your personal touch to represent the life you truly live.

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