COVID-19 Regulations For Funeral Wakes In Phase 2

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COVID-19 Regulations For Funeral Wakes In Phase 2

Firstly, as Singapore transit from Phase 1 to Phase 2, there are many visible changes. The NEA has increase the permittable crowd size. Secondly, they allow 30 people at the wake location instead of 10 people previously. For instance, there are many queries from families and we are here to address all of them for all funeral service wakes in Singapore.

Funeral Service Location

  • We allow 30 people at all times. ( That excludes service personnel and undertakers )
  • We have to observe safe distancing of 1-metre
  • Each round table has a seating capacity of 5 people only
  • Temperature taking is compulsory
  • It is necessary to fill up contact tracing details at all times

Sending Off Ceremony

  • We allow up to 30 people at any instance
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory
  • Finally, we strongly encourage to adhere to social distancing

At the Crematorium

Upon arrival at the Crematorium, we will issue entry passes. People without the passes will not be able to enter. There is strictly no compromise on this. We have to wear a mask at all times. Similarly, we do not serve any snacks or drinks due to hygiene purpose. We strongly advise attendees to leave the premises after the cremation is over. This is to make way for other ongoing cremation services.

Ash Collection Centre

In addition, we cap the number of people to 10 pax in a group. The allowable number of people to collect ashes is 10. The safe distancing rule applies as well. For instance, always keep a distance of at least 1 metre. Be considerate to others. Likewise, leave as soon as you finish.

Moving From Phase 2 to Phase 3

Subsequently, we are transiting to Phase 3 in the next two months. Nevertheless, let us all work hand in hand to fight this virus together. It is good to disinfect and clean your hands regularly. For instance, funeral service providers must ensure family adhere to the regulations. In conclusion, call us if you are in doubts.

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