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Communication After Death

Proper communication after death is important. Knowing what to say and what not to say is vital to the grieving family. Much unnatural death often invites unpleasant comments in forums and social media. Some personal losses not only impact family members but also the community as well. A simple phrase can mean a lot, and yet can make the grieving family feel worst. It is important to choose our words wisely so as not to bring any hurt to the grieving parties. It is also important not to judge how the death occurred. Instead, lend a listening ear or a crying shoulder.

What To Say and What Not To Say ?

  1.  Do not tell someone that their loved one is in a better place. This is usually an assumption or a common comfort phrase. Grief is its own healing process for each individual. When someone is grieving, they just want their own personal space.
  2. Do not judge the person who has pass away. They may have been your enemy or someone whom you don’t like. However, death is the closure of a life’s chapter. Learn to see the beautiful thing in a person, rather than their flaws. The grieving families need support, so do not mention anything negative.
  3. Do not mention the death cause in a judgmental way. Suicide itself is a tragedy, and not a selfish act inflicted upon the families. Nobody will be able to understand that decision, nor the process of the person who made that decision.
  4. Do not attempt to fill in the silence. What the grieving family need is a breathing space in their own comfort zone. The best thing you can do is to hold space for them. Comments are often unnecessary and get in the way.

Engaging A Reliable Funeral Director

It is important to engage a funeral director whom you can trust. Many grieving families make the wrong decision at the wrong time. A reputable funeral service provider will ensure that you grief with ease. You will have nothing to worry about during the process of the funeral service. A funeral is a ceremony for people to come together to bid their farewells. It should be kept simple but yet dignified. A memorable Buddhist funeral can also mean that the deceased will be able to eradicate their past karmas. A funeral should be between three to five days in line with Chinese traditions.






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