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Christian Funeral Service Singapore

Common Christian Funeral Customs

Firstly, we transfer the body into our care from homes or hospitals. We then proceed to cleanse the body, followed by embalming. Our staff will place the body into a casket. We usually cross the hands of the deceased, just like receiving Communion. The family members can choose between a cremation or a burial. Christian funerals are fairly simple. Therefore, our advice is to keep it modern and chic. A Christian funeral service should not be costly. For instance, our 3 days Christian funeral package costs $4,888. Our belief is to keep a funeral affordable for everyone.

Displaying of Coffin At The Wake

The purpose is for mourners to pay their respect. You can choose to open or close the cover of the coffin, depending on the circumstances of death. Similarly, the purpose is for mourners to acknowledge the reality of their loved one’s death. We usually install a sound system in the wake. It is to cater to the church pastor for conducting of night service. In addition, families can plug in their player for Christian music. This is to make the wake atmosphere more lively. The wake duration is between 3 to 5 days in general.

The Christian Funeral Service

The pastor usually read prayers and hymns throughout the service. The prayers and songs are chosen specifically for the funeral. Christians are usually positive about the loss. They reunite with other family members after the wake. After the funeral service, our staff will place the casket in the hearse. We will then proceed to the crematorium or burial site. Before cremation or burial, the pastor will conduct a short service. He will guide the families to sing along Christian hymns. After the cremation, the family members usually prepare refreshments and drinks for their guests. Similarly, it is to thank their guest for taking the time to come send off the cortege.

What To Wear When Attending A Funeral Wake?

It is often advisable to wear black or any dark colours. It is best to wear something that is respectful. You should avoid wearing bright colour clothing. However, it may not be compulsory to give flowers at a funeral. Condolence wreaths usually symbolize comfort and love. Common mourning flowers are carnations, chrysanthemums and lilies. For instance, people prefer to give condolence money these days. It is more practical and also helps families to tide through the funeral expenses. Therefore, giving condolence money is a culture in Singapore.

Can Children Attend A Funeral?

Yes. Children may attend a funeral service at the discretion of their parent.


Cost and Package for a Christian Funeral Service in Singapore

At Ang Brothers Funeral Services, we take immense pride in offering a professional, caring and sincere service to you 24/7 in the event of your beloved demise. Our commitment to ensuring a proper organisation of Christian Funeral has made us stand tall with very few competitors.

We provide a range of comprehensive arrangements for Christian funeral services. Our Christian Funeral Packages starts from SGD 4,888 for a three-day funeral service, and SGD 5,888 for a five-day funeral service.

Our affordable Christian funeral packages include all the essential general needs and requirements to hold a Christian funeral service in Singapore. 

Details and a complete breakdown on our comprehensive packages are available on our website at

We are readily available to take your call at any time of the day at our 24 hour hotline +65 9871 8388. In addition, you can choose to drop us an email using the Contact Form on our site.

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