Singapore Buddhist Funeral Services

Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore

Why does families in Singapore choose to conduct a Buddhist Funeral Services in Singapore? First and foremost, Buddhism is a religion that is very common and known to all in Singapore. Many times, families prefer a simplified version of a funeral rite compared to the olden days. Many families are in a dilemma in which they can’t tell between Buddhism and Taoism. Buddhism is a religion, whereas Taoism is a tradition that is made up of different dialects i.e. Hokkien, Teo Chew, Cantonese, Hainanese and Hakka etc. A Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore is usually being known to many as having a yellow backdrop and a Buddha Statue for prayer offering. However it differs when it comes to a Taoist Setup. A Taoist Funeral Setup usually comes with a metal banner, better known as “Kwan Peng” as well as two lanterns depending on the respective dialects.

Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore is becoming more and more well-known to the community in Singapore. There are many Buddhist Funeral Packages in Singapore for consumers to choose from. Many old folks would prefer a simple funeral ritual for their next generation as they believe that the younger generation are not familiar with the old traditions. Therefore, it will be mentally tiring for the younger generation to observe the course of a three or five day funerals conducted the Taoism way. Nevertheless, Taoist Funerals in Singapore still exist though it is decreasing every year.

A general Buddhist Funeral Services in Singapore is usually carried out with a monk conducting prayers during the casketing process, as well as conducting chanting session on the last night of the funeral, which may include chanting of the diamond sutra. And finally finishing off with another round of chanting session just before the deceased is being cremated. A usual Buddhist Funeral Service in Singapore last between three to five days. A more elaborate Buddhist funeral can last up to seven days. Funeral service providers have various funeral packages to cater to each individual’s needs. Therefore, if you are looking for a complete Buddhist Funeral Package, do not hesitate to contact Singapore Bereavement Services and their 24 hours consultant will be available to speak to you at any time of the day, 365 days in a year.

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