Be Proactive with Your Own Funeral Planning

Planning for your own funeral is more than just deciding what you would like to do with your remains.

When you actively plan your funeral affairs beforehand, you get to choose and customize the funeral package you want with your personal touch. You get to decide how you want to be remembered by your family and close ones.

The choices you have made are important to you and having your funeral plan assure that your choices are going to be followed and respected.

  • Keep it documented.

How will you be able to remind your family and close ones of your preferences when you are gone?

Having your final wishes documented allows your family and close ones to locate and follow your instructions as planned.

You can also assign the people whom you would like to be overseeing and executing on specific areas of your funeral. Make sure these people are also given copies of your funeral plan, and that they are updated as you add details over time.

  • List out the various parties and authorities who should be informed about your demise by your family and close ones.

E.g. Your employer and colleagues. The banks which you are holding accounts or safety box with. The insurance companies you have active policies with. Lawyers and executor of your will if you have one. And any miscellaneous bills that are paying under your name.

  • Decide on your shopping list.

Start making a list of the items you would like to have for yourselves and your visitors who will be present to pay their last respect at your funeral.

E.g. The type, the design and the colour of the casket or the urn of your choice, picture frames and the type of flowers of your choice? Will food and refreshments be available to visitors during the funeral? Is there a favourite piece of clothing you would like to be dressed for your funeral? Where are these items available, and how much do they cost?

  • Start a financial plan to cover your funeral expenses.

By starting a savings account for funding your ideal funeral, you ensure there is money available to execute your funeral according to your final wants and wishes. However, if saving money regularly to fund your funeral is not of your preference, you can get a life insurance which will provide a lump sum pay-out to your family upon your death, which will usually be enough to cover the final expenses of your funeral and not be burdened onto your family.


Planning your own funeral service in advance may seem dreadful and disturbing, but having things planned and organized can give you a sense of control over your own destiny. After all, your own funeral is the final major milestone in the journey of your life.

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