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Ageing Population in Singapore

In Singapore, the ageing population is growing. As birth rate increases, it is natural that death rate increases as well. The cause is due to an increase of life expectancy. However, Singapore also has one of the lowest fertility rate ironically. The old folks these days are less healthy. It is due to the food quality and eating habits. The average death age in the past is between 85 to 90. These days we are seeing death ages between 65 to 70 instead. Singapore has introduced many healthy lifestyle programs for the elderly. It is a way of promoting healthy living.

Chronic Illness Forecast

The elderly are usually more vulnerable to catching a chronic illness. Due to their age, they have a lower immune system compared to the teenagers. It is a Chinese belief that going to the hospital for an elderly is unlucky. Having said that, it is not entirely true. In a hospital, there are lots of bacteria which we can’t see from the human eye. The old folks usually pick up illnesses like Pneumonia during their period of admission. It is because their body is less likely to fight off the virus unlike a teenager. Antibiotics are usually not strong enough to absorb into their bloodstream due to rejection. Sad to say, an elderly can suffer from cancer for ten years. The cause of death is commonly Pneumonia. This is due to the virus attacking the immune system and cause to failure of vital organs.

Funeral Scenes in Singapore

In Singapore, it is common to see funeral wakes at HDB Void Decks. This is because due to the land constraints, we have limited funeral parlor facilities. These funeral wakes consist of many religions ranging from Buddhist, Taoist, Christian and Roman Catholic. The common funerals which we see are Buddhist funeral services. This is because it is the simplest ceremony compared to doing a Taoist one. It is important to hire a reliable funeral director whom you can trust to handle the funeral procession. A funeral is supposed to be meaningful and dignified. It requires professionalism to execute the rites and rituals in a proper manner. These ceremonies should not be taken lightly. A beautiful funeral need not be costly if you engage the right undertaker to do the job.

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