3 Ways To Help An Elderly Cope With Their Partner’s Passing

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Life comes with its ups and downs, and when it comes to the latter, losing a loved one is certainly one of, if not the most painful experience that we have to face. This occurrence is intensified in seniors that inevitably lose their life partners.

One of the reasons for this is because seniors have to face the passing of their spouse more so than other age groups. On top of that, losing the one person you’ve shared most of your life can be difficult to accept. Due to this, ageing adults can be subjected to overwhelming grief, which can lead to them adopting unhealthy habits. If any elderly in your family or circle loses their beloved partner, here are some ways that you can help them cope with the loss.

Get them to acknowledge their sadness

Brushing off or avoiding the sadness is only bound to make the pain worse and extend the recovery process. As such, it’s best to encourage a grieving senior to face their grief, be it through supportive conversations or other methods.

To help them further accept their loss and the pain they feel, you can also suggest the following:

  • Keep a daily journal that will hold their present feelings and other thoughts
  • Write down a letter addressed to their spouse expressing how they feel after the funeral service in Singapore about their passing

Let them grieve in their terms

Everyone deals and copes with grief differently, and something as serious as losing a lifelong spouse will take quite some time to accept. Assure the bereaved that there are no rules for dealing with their grief, nor is there a set time when they should feel better and accept the matter.

Although, do remind them that anything’s acceptable as long as they don’t adopt unhealthy coping mechanisms to address their sadness. Isolating themselves from everyone else, turning to substance abuse, and other harmful activities need to be avoided, which may require a guardian to watch over them to ensure their well-being.

Encourage their self-care

While dealing with a devastating loss can be exceedingly draining to a grieving senior, it is ever more important to engage them in self-care activities. This can be as simple as rekindling their love for their favourite hobby, or going for more walks and spending time in nature.

In addition, pay careful attention to their sleeping habits, ensure they take their meals, and regularly communicate with them and encourage them to talk about how they feel. Also, get them to participate in enjoyable activities every once in a while to help give their minds a break.


Losing a lifelong spouse you treasured dearly is never easy to accept. If you know a senior who recently lost their beloved partner, do show your support for them and help in whatever way you can to ease their grief.

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