3 Tips To Remember When Coping With The Loss Of A Loved One

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At some point in our journey towards maturity, we become acquainted with the concept of death and its accompanying grief. We encounter either indirectly, through stories in books or shows, or directly, such as attending a distant relative’s funeral service in Singapore. In any case, we’re aware of it, but don’t necessarily know the true weight of it just yet.

Only when we experience it firsthand, such as through the passing of someone dear, do we truly understand what loss truly means. Whether it’s the first time, the second time, or more, dealing with the death of someone you love doesn’t get any easier. But since impermanence is part of life, the grief that comes with its end must be overcome to be able to keep on moving forward. In this article, we lay out 3 tips to remember whenever you have to cope with someone’s passing.

1. It’s okay to take your time when mourning

Mourning is part and parcel of grief. It’s something that will always take you time to fully process. Each person mourns differently, so don’t think that you have to be okay when you notice that others are beginning to pick themselves up from the loss when you’re not.

Depending on how close a person was to the deceased, the mourning that they must face may either be only superficial or severely deep. No matter if you’re leaning towards either side or somewhere in between, don’t set a time expectation for you when you can accept the current reality. Take your time to process the loss and mourn at your own pace.

2. Engrave your time and experiences with them to heart

Grieving about the loss of someone doesn’t have to be a completely negative experience. To help you during times of grief, you can always take comfort in the memories you shared with them and reflect on how their presence in your life has affected you.

Whether it’s life-changing conversations or just small talk, treasure the time you’ve spent with them and engrave the lessons and experiences they’ve given you into your heart. By doing so, a part of them will always live on inside of you, and they’ll never be forgotten for as long as you live.

3. Know when to get help

Coping with loss can be challenging to do by yourself. Thus, you can always lean on others to help you get through such difficult times. And although we must accept and come to terms with the loss individually, sharing the pain with others who feel the same can help greatly in the recovery process. If you ever need someone, whether it’s to listen to your thoughts and feelings or just spend time with, don’t hesitate to reach out to those you hold dear. In addition, you can also rely on support groups such as Care Corner Counselling Centre in Singapore.


It’s natural to feel grief whenever someone close to you passes away. It may seem like everything won’t ever be the same at the start, but in time, you’ll be able to recover and press on with your life.

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