Catholic Funeral Package for Catholics

What every Catholic needs to know about Catholic funeral package

Catholic Funeral Package for Catholics catholic funeral

Catholic Funeral Package refers to the passing away of a loved one does not mean the end of life for that special person, but rather, the soul will continually live on in the afterlife. Losing somebody close to you, especially your direct household member can be quite upsetting.

Singapore Bereavement Services wants to take all those undesirable problems off you, cut the extra stress, and be there to guide you over this demanding journey in life. you may want to seek assistance or views on how to go about selecting a Catholic Funeral Package.  Singapore Bereavement Services will deliver the important pillar and support, assisted by some trustworthy funeral directors that can even provide just simple guidance and contribution to additionally improving your choice making as soon as you need it the most.

A Catholic Funeral Package is to comfort the household and perform all necessary funeral rites. The Catholic Funeral Package rites comprise majorly of three sub parts, namely:

  • Vigil
  • Funeral Church service, and
  • Rite of Committal.


We hold the vigil specifically during the last evening of the Catholic Funeral Package program. This makes available the time for the family, relatives and supporters to come together, ruminate about the departed, reminiscence special moments; and pray for the soul of the departed.

Funeral Church service

Habitually done during the Funeral Mass, the funeral church service can be done alone every now and then when Mass is not holding e.g. Holy Week etc. This is the most significant ritual for the dead and has two significances. Firstly, to give thanks and praise God; and lastly for commending the dead to God’s affectionate compassion and care.

The Committal

The committal habitually takes place at the crematorium where the deceased is lay to rest with the hope to rise again with eternal life in God’s grandeur. The ritual is lead by a priest or recon. Family and friends also come together to offer prayers for the deceased. This final farewell ceremony gives an eloquent finish to any Catholic Funeral.

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