How To Pick Appropriate Funeral Clothing For A Loved One

How To Pick Appropriate Funeral Clothing For A Loved One

When arranging the funeral of a loved one, their clothing is one aspect that is often overlooked. The funeral clothes you choose can be another way to show who they were in life and leave a lasting impression on those present. If your loved one has not made their final clothing preferences clear, it is up to you and your family to decide what they will wear. If you are organizing a funeral for your loved one, a Funeral Service Singapore will help you choose the right clothing. 

Here Are Some Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Right Funeral Clothes For Your Loved One: 

  • Ask Family Members If They Have Specific Clothing They Would Like To Be Cremated In:

People often specifically ask to be buried in special clothes before they die. If your loved one made such a request, you should respect his last wishes and cremate him in the clothes he wanted to waste. 

  • Look At Their Clothes And See If You Can Find Something That Looks Special:

If your loved one did not ask to be cremated in a certain outfit, you should look through their wardrobe and see if anything stands out. Often, families choose clothes for cremation that their loved ones have worn a lot on special occasions. For example, if their loved ones wore a certain suit or dress for every wedding they went to, that might be good clothing for their cremation. You should browse through their wardrobe to see what looks best. 

  • Consider Cultural And Religious Requirements: 

Different religions have different requirements about where to bury a deceased loved one. For example, religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism require culturally specific clothing and hairstyles. If you are having a traditional religious funeral, be sure to check prices and arrangements with the deceased’s a church or religious leader to make sure your loved one’s final dress is appropriate. Funeral Cost Singapore is more affordable than you think.

  • Consider The Type Of Funeral Service: 

Clothing should be appropriate for the funeral service, location, and what you think your loved one would like. It can be casual or formal, but remember that your loved one’s attire should match the planned service. A cemetery may provide a burial suit to be buried in. This clothing usually resembles smart nightgowns or pajamas. If you have any questions about funeral suits, contact funeral service Singapore who will guide you throughout the process. 

  • Keepsakes: 

If you would like your loved one to use a special item in the ceremony but not be buried with it, please inform your Christian Funeral Singapore in advance. To ensure that a treasured keepsake or family heirloom doesn’t accidentally bury your loved one, consider wearing these special items only during the viewing and not at the funeral. Family rings and important mementos are often kept with a loved one after viewing so they can be returned to the family before the funeral. 


Remember that funeral clothing should reflect your loved one’s personality and beliefs. Ang Brothers Funeral Services is the best choice if you are looking for a Christian funeral service in Singapore. They are committed to providing only the highest quality service to their clients.

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