Funeral Service Singapore Career

Career in the Funeral Service Industry

Having a Funeral Service Career is above any other ordinary job, it is a calling.  Do you have that calling?

Firstly, it requires a firm hand to direct a household through one of life’s most difficult minutes. If you possess a sympathetic need to serve others and have a obligation to your community, you may discover a Funeral Service Career is calling. Therefore, whether you are in college or high school, the prospects awaiting you in Funeral Service industry are plenty.

Furthermore, no one but you can choose if a funeral service career is the correct pick. If you elect to go down this pathway, please bear in mind you are becoming a part of a dedicated, honored group of experts whose service to bereaved families is hardly forgotten. There is no doubt that a Funeral Service Career is quite challenging. Undeniably, a Funeral Service Career is not for everybody. Nevertheless, limited professions offer such great a prize in knowing you are chosen and trusted to assist families in their greatest time of need.

We are a premium funeral establishment that highly values and inspire various viewpoints in individuals. We always guide our employees through various courses and training and to make sure our team possess the finest knowledge and skills to assist all our clients. seek talents who can aid the grieving families with extreme care, consideration, and self-respect.

Available Opportunities/ Job Listing:

  • Funeral Associates
  • Funeral Director
  • Operations Executive
  • Undertaker (Trainee)

Join in this challenging yet fulfilling industry! Join our team today to have a positive impact on the families that matter. Climb on this task of being the column of sustenance for clients during their periods of grief. With a variety of prospects available, you also play a vital part in making an impact in the lives of others. We work together to make a lifelong memory for the active relations and also for the deceased.

Our Requirements Include:

  • Experience in Events Management
  • Have Compassion and A Caring Nature
  • Physical Fitness
  • Proficiency in English And One/More Dialects
  • Willingness to Work

In conclusion, do you have interest in becoming a member of family? We always search for exciting talents to assume these spots. Hence, feel free to contact us directly or through our Human Resource via email to discuss on available career opportunities or you can have your resume submitted to the address below:

All submissions will be handled in stringent confidence.

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