Buddhist Funeral Service Singapore

Buddhist Funeral Service Singapore

The passing of a love one is a sombre reminder that all life is immeasurably precious and valuable. Death is an inevitable, natural process which affects us all. We believe that the cycle of birth, death, old age, and sickness that occurs in one’s current life are part of a natural order known as Samsara, and can be interpreted as readying one’s spirit for next life. Over the course of your current life, you have been given the chance to accumulate karma through your actions in preparation for your subsequent rebirth.

According to our philosophy, everyone reaps what they sow – we seek solace in the belief that good men and women will reap the benefits of their kindness and compassionate deeds in their next incarnation.

Take comfort in your faith while Buddhist Funeral Service Singapore lends a helping hand to soothe you during these rough times by providing a complete package of funeral arrangements and services, which could be tailored to your family’s wishes.

Losing a loved one that is special to you is probably too massive to absorb, especially with the knowledge that things would never stay the same again. You might be in anguish, upset, or in pain. Feeling too weak to do whatever, as by acting so, you are gradually admitting this loss. Not everybody may sense that intense and sharp pain as much as you would, but there is no human deprived of emotions.

If you desire assistance in planning and execution of a Buddhist Funeral Service Singapore, you can call localhost/funeral-services today for an engaging and flexible Buddhist Funeral service.   localhost/funeral-services offers comfort and the needed direction to go about with any Buddhist Funeral Service Singapore.

Buddhist Funeral Service Singapore Packages

Buffet: Buffet can be provided to serve your relations and visitors during visitation.

Encoffining: We offer Specialists to encoffin the dead into the casket expertly.

Embalming: Involves bathing, cosmetic restoration, disinfecting, and dressing the departed

Floral Arrangements: Floral set up will be provided to enhance the venue

Incense & Paper Offerings: Paper cars, electronics, and houses; Joss paper money, etc.

Hearse: A driver and a Hearse will be available to convey the deceased

Pall-Bearers: Pall-Bearers will be well dressed to carry the casket for send-off

Security and Attendants: Our Watchful Attendants and Security will always be available to assist throughout the event.

Tentage, Tables & Chairs: Tentage will be set up along with chairs, tables for guests and families.

Traditional Monks and Prayer Items: Traditional monks and prayer items will be involved in conducting funeral prayers

Traditional Funeral Musicians: A band will be available to play more than a few melodies to protect against any nearby evil spirits.

Common Top-ups: other common additions can be requested during a Buddhist Funeral Service Singapore includes chairs, fans, mobile toilets, tables, and refreshments. They would be charged distinctly.


If you desire more than the set-up/requests above that for the Buddhist Funeral Service Singapore for your loved one, do ask with www.localhost/funeral-services and we can make special arrangements to be included in the Buddhist Funeral Service package.

Fees are estimated on a mutual Buddhist Funeral package, do not worry much if your budget is different. You can reach www.localhost/funeral-services for special arrangements via call on  or +65 6464 9809 email us at funeralservicessingapore96@gmail.com.

Do reach out to us today. Our Buddhist Funeral Service Singapore Guide is Always Ready to Put you through any Buddhist Funeral Service in Singapore.

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