Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore

Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore

Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore  Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore buddhist funeral singapore
Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore

Firstly, Buddhist Funeral Services Singapore is intended to be a modest, honorable and sincere company for bereavement. For the household of the deceased, other than providing the departed loved one with an honorable departure, the Buddhist Funeral Services will also serve as a good reminder for all present of the nature of life.

Backstage Set Up Just Before Death

As much as possible, we maintain a silent atmosphere before and during the demise for the sake of the dying person. Better still, a monk or member of the Buddhist group the dying person attends, would be available to support and show care through this dying process.

Intermediate State of Afterlife

More than a few Buddhist accept as true that there is three (3) transitional states of life after death (Bardos). This is the stage before the deceased is finally revived in another body. Ensuing to this believe relating to the stages, Buddhist custom often requires the body of the deceased to stay uninterrupted for few hours after death and no fewer than 4 days before cremation.

Funeral Rite

Due to several sub branches of Buddhism, there is no specific Funeral Rite mutual to all. The Chinese Buddhist Memorial ceremonies last for a duration of 49 days with the most significant being the first one week.

Cremation or Burial

By tradition, Buddhist are cremated after demise resulting from the case of Buddha. This is not compulsory, as burials are still acceptable. A monk preferably will lead the chant all through the cremation. This Buddhist Funeral Service is available within our flexible Buddhist Funeral package.

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