6 Things to Know About Cremation Services

6 Things to Know About Cremation Services

You don’t need to worry about cremation services. When it comes time to rest your loved one’s memory, you have to decide whether you want to cremate or bury their remains. If you choose the first option, you can directly ask for cremation details. There are crematoriums where the body is cremated immediately after death without a memorial service.

Here’s what you should keep in mind regarding direct funeral services.

You can still host a memorial

If you decide that direct cremation is the best option, you will be given your loved one’s ashes without prior service. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a memorial at another time. Many families find solace in spreading their loved one’s ashes in a significant place. You can do it whenever you like. Some people even arrange annual commemorations.

They are common

Crematoriums usually cremate millions of people every year. An advantage is that because the body is not tied to a specific burial plot, you don’t have to tie your grief to a place. You can take the urn with you instead of visiting a cemetery at regular intervals. In some cultures, cremation is more common than a funeral. There are different spiritual beliefs.

No waiting

Cremation takes place immediately after death. Because there will be no wake or viewing, the body need not be embalmed. This quick process can help you express your grief. There is nothing to stay. When you have ashes, you can do whatever you want.

Funeral services may be held even if the remains are cremated

Common beliefs about catholic funeral services are that a body must be present for the funeral service, and cremation cannot be performed if cremation is chosen because it turns the remains of the deceased into ashes.

Although cremation reduces a person’s flesh and bones to ashes, funerals and other memorial services may still take place before the cremation process. If the funeral is held after the funeral, most may use a cremation urn instead of a casket to pay their respects.

You have options

There are funeral service rules that crematoriums must follow when they choose direct cremation. You don’t need to buy a casket or an urn. By law, crematoriums must allow you to bring your urn. This is useful if you have a solid plan in mind beforehand.

They are personal

Since there is no funeral or cremation service beforehand, direct cremation is often very personal. People may not know that the deceased person is dead unless you let them. This can be your own will or that of the deceased. Everyone deals with death differently. Privacy is the most important option for some families.

If you believe direct cremation is the best option for your loved one, don’t hesitate.

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